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Cheapest Flights to Aswan

Aswan is found along the eastern edge of the Nile at the first cataract. Located to Egypt’s south, it historically served as the frontier of Ancient Egypt, which was reflected in its strategic militaristic importance throughout its history. Today, the city is just north of the Aswan Dam that stretches across the Nile and is in close proximity to several islands that host landmarks and archaeological sites of significant importance. Aswan is 238km south of Luxor and is a more affordable (and quiet) alternative to it and other favourite Egyptian destinations. Thanks to Aswan’s affordability it’s easy to find cheap flights to Aswan Egypt at any time of year. Tripoki will help you find the best flights to Aswan the fit your unique travel needs or budget within just minutes.

Aswan Weather

Aswan weather is typical of a hot desert climate. Along with Luxor, Aswan weather is the hottest in Egypt. The summer season is long; the winter season, which is virtually non-existent, stays warm. As you might imagine from this, precipitation is rare for Aswan weather—in fact, it sometimes goes years without any rain. The hottest months for Aswan weather are June and July with average highs of 41 °C. January is the coldest month with average lows of just 48 °C. The best time to book Aswan trips is during the winter months. Winter is usually comfortable, whereas summer is unbearably hot for most tourists. Aswan trips serve as a great place to get away from the cold at home. Book Aswan tickets early to find affordable rates on direct flights to Aswan Egypt for the time of year when you want to visit.

Aswan Airports

Aswan Airport

Airport Aswan is the primary airport servicing flights to Aswan Egypt, cheap flights to Cairo Aswan or a Luxor and Aswan trip. Aswan Egypt airport makes travel via Cairo to Aswan flight easy, connecting the city to other Egyptian travel destinations. Passengers will find several great services and amenities at Aswan International Airport. Services at Aswan Egypt Airport include baggage services, a post office, VIP services and lounge, financial/banging services and more. There is a duty-free shop for passengers to take care of any travel essentials as well as a casual Egyptian restaurant. Aswan Airport transfers are a hassle-free process thanks to Aswan Airport shuttle, Aswan Airport car rental and taxi hire. Aswan trips are made even more convenient with Aswan Airport hotels. Aswan Airport parking is available for long- and short-term stay. Passengers driving to the airport may look up Aswan Airport parking costs online and book ahead of their visit.