Barcelona Flights

Find out how to find cheap flights to Barcelona, Spain.

Cheapest Flights to Barcelona

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, an independent community and nationality within Spain. It’s the second largest city in Spain behind Madrid, and well-known for its beautiful architecture and contributions to the arts and sciences. It hugs the Mediterranean Sea on the northeast coast of the Iberian Peninsula, and it close to the Tibidabo, a mountain which offers stunning views of the city at 512 meters high. While the city is mostly a flat plain, it does contain a few notable hills. The neighborhoods on these hills share their name, such as the neighborhood of Carmel. The city is 506 km east of Madrid and 257 km east of Aragon.Barcelona flights ensure easy access to the city from around the world, with low-cost and other Barcelona flights touching down at all three of the major Barcelona airports. From there, extensive mass transit makes it easy for Barcelona flight passengers to reach their destinations quickly and stress-free.

Barcelona Weather

The city’s people are blessed with comfortable Barcelona weather, which can run a little hot. That said, the city lies along the coast, so one can escape to the beach to enjoy the sea breeze on a very hot day. Barcelona weather is a bit humid but not uncomfortable. The warm season lasts for half the year from May to October, with April and November serving as transitional seasons. August, the hottest month, has an average high of 29 °C.

Even winters experience humidity, though they’re typically mild in temperature. December and January, the two coldest months, experience average lows of about 9 °C. Thanks to the surprisingly pleasant winter Barcelona weather, the winter season makes for a pleasant time to visit—so long as you avoid precipitation. Most rain occurs in late winter and early fall, though spring commonly experiences rain as well.

The best times to book tickets to Barcelona is early summer (April-June) and late summer/early fall (September and October). These times have the best Barcelona weather; staying in the height of summer can be uncomfortably hot for many. While the height of summer is the busiest tourist season, many shops are closed during this time while the locals are away on holiday. If you want to experience city life with the Barcelona locals while avoiding huge tourist crowds, stick to our two recommended seasons; it’ll be easier to find cheap tickets to Barcelona that way, too.

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Barcelona Airports

Barcelona El Prat Airport (BCN)

Barcelona El Prat Airport, also known as Barcelona International Airport, is among the leading European airports and is Catalonia’s primary international travel hub. It processes over 44 million passengers, and comprises an impressive number of shops, spas and restaurants, ensuring stress-free flights from Barcelona. The two terminals at Barcelona El Prat are 7 km apart, so it’s important that you check into the correct one when making flights from Barcelona.

Between Barcelona flights, go shopping at retailers like the Fashion Place, Adidas, Victoria’s Secret or Zara. If you’ve forgotten something important or simply want a fun souvenir, stop by one of the many duty-free stops at Barcelona International Airport.

Dining in Barcelona El Prat is a treat. Here you’ll find quick service takeout, restaurant dining and delicious tapas—a Spanish delicacy. Stop by Lizarrán for a quick glass of beer or wine with a tapa, or take a table at Portagaig for a more formal meal. 

This is one of the easiest Barcelona airports to access from the city centre. There are several bus lines connecting directly to Barcelona and other cities in the region. The city metro can get you where you need to be even faster. With an integrated fare system, you can take multiple modes of transportation—for example, connecting from a bus to train—with ease. If mass transport isn’t your style, hire a car or a taxi; it should only be about a 20-minute drive.

Barcelona Girona Airport (GRO) 

Barcelona Girona Airport, also known as Costa Brava Airport, is the second-busiest behind Barcelona El Prat. It’s located about 92 km from Barcelona city centre, and connects passengers to the south of France. It processes 2.7 million passengers each year. Barcelona Girona Airport is light on shops, but has everything you should need for your travels, including a convenience store and a duty-free shop. Costa Brava Duty Free has a wide selection of local products, making it a great place to snag a souvenir or have a last-minute taste of the city before your departure. 

Costa Brava Airport is similarly light on dining options. It has a small cafeteria with a selection of fast food favorites like McDonald’s and Subway, as well as a Caffriccio coffee shop. While Costa Brava Airport doesn’t offer all the shopping Barcelona El Prat does, it’s a stress-free location and a great departure point for flights from Barcelona. Getting between Girona Airport and city centre is easy via bus, taxi, car service—but there is no rail access from Girona Airport. 

Barcelona Reus Airport (REU)

Barcelona Reus Airport is the furthest Barcelona international airport of the three, and is a 109 km drive from the city. It’s also significantly less busy, processing over 817,000 passengers a year on flights from Barcelona and into the city. While it’s further away from the city, it’s a stress-free destination for flights to Barcelona.

There are two primary shops at Barcelona Reus Airport: a duty-free store and a convenient store. They offer a good selection of travel supplies, souvenirs, reading material and food. Dining here is casual; you’ll find La Pausa, a quick-service shop with pastries and small dishes. Bier Garden at Reus Airport is a cafeteria specializing in southern Bavaria and German cuisine, adding some international flavor to Reus airport.

Barcelona Reus Airport offers car hire, taxis and buses to its neighboring cities. One of its intercity buses takes passengers to plaza María Cristina and Sants station in Barcelona, though the journey takes about an hour and a half. Some passengers might prefer hiring a car or taxi to complete their journeys.