Beijing Flights

Visit one of China’s biggest and most historic cities.

Cheap Flights to Beijing

Beijing is a massive city; it’s the second largest city in Shanghai and the capital of China. Serving as the capital of the Chinese empire throughout most of its history, as well as post-revolution China, the city is the cultural and political center of the country. Unique to the city is its mix of traditional Chinese culture and forward-thinking technological innovations. The city is light but sprawling, far from the dense metropolis you may expect from other cities in China like Shanghai or Hong Kong. With many beautiful historic sites and fun activities, many flock to the city on cheap flights to Beijing.

Beijing Weather

Beijing weather varies across the year. Influenced by the Eastern Monsoon, Beijing weather is hot and humid during the summer season. Because of the Siberian anticyclone, Beijing weather is the opposite in the winter: cold, dry and quite windy. Finally, spring in Beijing can experience sandstorms blowing in from the nearby Gobi Desert. The average high in July, the hottest month, is 31°C. January, the coldest month, is 2°C. June through August is the rainiest season; half to three-quarters of annual rainfall falls during this period. The best time to visit Beijing is during the autumn months, September and October. This offers pleasant Beijing temperatures. While some days may still be hot, you will have missed the summer humidity. Autumn also provides beautiful scenery as the tree foliage becomes bright and red. Beware national holidays during this time, though. On holidays, Chinese will come from all over to pay tribute to the city’s sacred sites. During this time, hotel prices and flights to Beijing become much more expensive. If you absolutely want to save on your flight to Beijing, China, visit during the winter.

Beijing Airports

Beijing Capital International Airport

Beijing International Airport is among the busiest airports in the world, and processes flights to over 120 destinations in addition to cheap flights to Beijing. As you can expect of a world-class airport, Beijing Airport offers a variety of amenities to enjoy before or after your flight to Beijing, China. Some of these include dressing rooms, a lounge, hotels near Beijing Airport and business center. Passengers can make their cheap flights to Beijing more comfortable with luggage carts. Shopping and dining services are also available. After touching down on your flight to Beijing, China and cheap flights to Beijing Airport, getting into the city is relatively simple. Beijing Airport offers express railway, 10 bus lines and shuttles. Those wishing to leave Beijing Airport in privacy can hail a taxi or rent a car from the airport. There are four parking garages available for public use. With so many transportation options and amazing amenities, Beijing Airport is a great destination for cheap flights to Beijing.