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Enjoy a Belfast holiday with excellent Belfast weather.

Cheapest Flights to Belfast

The capital of Northern Ireland and the second largest city on the island of Ireland after Dublin, Belfast is an amazing city with a cosmopolitan and upbeat character. Geographically, the city is located at Belfast Lough and the mouth of the River Lagan. With an abundance of pubs and beautiful attractions, Belfast makes for a great place to kick back and relax or enjoy a dabble in Irish culture. Its prideful and friendly residents further color the attractive character of the city. Many visit Belfast on flights to Belfast every year to take advantage of the city charm. Tripoki offers the best rates for flights to Belfast, so don’t wait to book your trip to visit Belfast soon.

Belfast Weather

Belfast weather is characterized by frequent rainfall throughout the year and a narrow range of temperatures. The city experiences significant precipitation 157 days of the year. Thanks to the city’s proximity to the coast, it gets less than 10 days of snowfall per year. Belfast weather in July and August, the hottest months of the year, are quite temperate and enjoyable with average temperatures of just 15°C. January and February are much cooler but not uncomfortable at 5°C. The best time to visit Belfast is in the summer months with beautiful Belfast weather, but you can enjoy springtime in Belfast as well. This is when you can enjoy longer days and more sunlight hours, though be warned: the season is susceptible to rain, so bring an umbrella when you visit Belfast. Cheap flights to Belfast might be easier to come by in autumn or even winter; while there’s less going on at these times of year, autumn is beautiful with the changing fall foliage.

Belfast Airports

Belfast International Airport

Belfast International Airport is the busiest airport in Northern Ireland, processing over 5 million passengers a year. It should be no surprise, then, that Belfast International Airport has a variety of great amenities to make passengers’ travels as stress-free as possible. Some of these include WiFi access, a Causeway Lounge, tourist information, a currency exchange and a beautiful viewing gallery. Belfast International Airport offers just as many transportation options for Belfast International arrivals and Belfast International departures quickly make their way to and from the city. These include bus/coach options, taxi and car hire. These easy travel solutions to and from Belfast International Airport further add convenience to flights to Belfast and flights from Belfast. There are four options for Belfast International Airport parking: the main car park, long stay, short stay and the park & fly value option. With options for Belfast International Airport parking, it’s easy to make one’s way to the Belfast International Airport.