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Where is Bilbao? Bilbao is the largest city in the Biscay province, located in northern part of Spain. The city sits south of the Bay of Biscay and is surrounded by mountains. Founded in the 14th century, Bilbao was a significant port thanks to resources extracted from nearby quarries. In modern times, Bilbao become an industrialized city—the second-most industrialized city in Spain after Barcelona. Today, Bilbao is undergoing revitalization efforts to become a cultural and cosmopolitan centre. Its several museums—including the famous Guggenheim—and medieval landmarks attract visitors from all over. If you want to visit Bilbao, book cheap flights to Bilbao with Tripoki. With Tripoki, you can easily find fast and cheap Bilbao flights through numerous search and sorting options.

Bilbao Weather

Bilbao weather is characterized as an oceanic climate thanks to the city’s proximity to the Bay of Biscay. Precipitation is common throughout the year; 40% of days each year are spent in rain. Rain is most common, though, between October and April. Sleet in Bilbao Spain weather is more common than snow during the winter, with snow staying relegated to mountaintops. There is no hot season for Bilbao weather; July and August are the warmest months with an average temperature of 20°C. The coldest month is January at 9°C. Overall, temperatures remain mild throughout the year due to the city’s proximity to the ocean. Summer months are the best time to book flights to Bilbao. This time of year offers the warmest Bilbao Spain weather, as well as the least amount of rain. Be aware that because this is the most comfortable time of year, there will be many other tourists visiting at the same time as you.

Bilbao Airports

Bilbao Airport

Bilbao International Airport (Bilbao Airport code: BIO) is one of the largest airports in Bilbao, and the primary airport serving Bilbao flights. Bilbao Airport offers many services to passengers of Bilbao flights. Some of the services offered by Bilbao International Airport include: ATMs at Bilbai Airport arrivals, a children’s play area, meeting rooms, post office boxes, police, free wi-fi and more. Bilbao Airport also provides a VIP lounge for better comfort to paying passengers, as well as shops and dining options. Passengers may check Bilbao Airport arrivals on the airport website. BIO Airport is closer to the city and other airports in Bilbao, just a 15-minute drive from city centre. Passengers may get to and from the airport via car rental, taxi, hotel shuttles and a choice of two bus routes. This makes Bilbao Airport a convenient choice for destination. BIO Airport offers short-term, mid-term and long-term parking, each at a per-day rate. Drivers may also book premium parking online in advance, which is directly connected to the terminal entrance.