Birmingham Flights

Visit the city of a thousand trades.

Cheapest Flights to Birmingham

Birmingham is Britain’s second-largest city behind London, and is located in the West Midlands. Often called the “City of a Thousand Trades,” historically Birmingham is known for industry: during the Industrial Revolution, the city contributed much to science, economic advancement and technology. Today, the city is breaking out of its pigeonhole to establish itself as a prime shopping and tourist destination. You can find the cheapest flights to Birmingham using Tripoki. With Tripoki, finding flights from Belfast to Birmingham or other Birmingham flights from around the world is easy and affordable at any time of year.

Birmingham Weather

Birmingham weather is much like the rest of the British Isles: it’s moderate and mild both in terms of heat and cold, with little overall variation throughout the year. July and August are the hottest months with an average high of 21°C. The average high temperature in the winter months hangs around 7°C. While Birmingham winters aren’t too chilly compared to some places, it’s known as being a snowier city than others in the UK. In general, Birmingham weather avoids extremes, although the rogue tornado or two has been known to plow through town. Summer is an excellent time to visit Birmingham because the weather is moderate and there are plenty attractions and things to do outside. But be warned that this is peak tourist season, which means you’ll have to deal with large amounts of crowds that flock to the city for the season. If you want to avoid crowds, save some money on flights to Birmingham and still enjoy comfortable Birmingham weather, autumn is a wonderful time to enjoy the city.

Birmingham Airports

Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport, formerly known as the Birmingham International Airport, is the seventh-busiest airport in the UK. It processes 11.6 million passengers on Birmingham flights. Birmingham International Airport has many services designed to make Birmingham Airport flights run more smoothly. These include fast-track check-in options, a smoking area, lounges and various services for travelling with children. In addition to these Birmingham Airport facilities, shopping and dining is available for a more relaxed experience with Birmingham Airport flights.

Whether touching down on flights to Birmingham (through Birmingham Airport arrivals or BHX arrivals) or leaving the city on Birmingham flights, there are many ways to get between Birmingham Airport and the city. One can easily reach Birmingham flights via mass transport options like bus, coach and train. Taxi, car hire chauffer service are also available for traveling privately. If you drive yourself, Birmingham Airport offers nearly a dozen parkin options across its seven car parks, further adding convenience to your travels.