Bordeaux Flights

Regarded as the “Sleeping Beauty” of France, Bordeaux is an elegant and refined destination without the heavy price tag.

Cheap Flights to Bordeaux

Among the most romantic cities in the world, Bordeaux—well-known for its output of wine production—was once regarded as the “France’s Sleeping Beauty.” Bordeaux is found on the Garonne in southwest France and has a population of over 246,500. The city is excellently manicured, characterized by beautiful parks, romantic architecture and a dreamy atmosphere that exudes elegance and sophistication. While the city is remembered for its wine, it would be a crime to suggests that’s all it has to offer: Bordeaux is home to several fashionable neighbourhoods, restaurants and galleries that have made it enjoyable to travellers for ages. Travellers enchanted by everything Bordeaux has to offer may easily book cheap flights to Bordeaux France with Tripoki. No matter your origin or airline of choice, fining the fastest or most affordable flights to Bordeaux takes only a few moments.

Bordeaux Weather

Bordeaux weather belongs to an oceanic climate, though is sometimes considered a subtropical climate. Bordeaux weather is typically warm for most of the year, though winter months are tempered by winds blowing in from the Atlantic. While winter may see frost, snow is rare. That said, precipitation is easily spread throughout the year, though summers are a bit drier. The hottest month for Bordeaux weather is August with an average high of 27 °C. January is its coldest month at 3 °C. The best time for booking cheap flights to Bordeaux France is in spring or fall. At these times you can enjoy the best weather the city has to offer without dealing with an influx of summer tourist crowds.

Bordeaux Airports

Bordeaux-Merignac Airport

Bordeaux Airport, also known as Bordeaux-Merignac Airport, is the main airport servicing flights to Bordeaux France. Bordeaux France Airport has an abundance of amenities and services to ensure safe, comfortable travel for passengers on Bordeaux flights. Services from Bordeaux Airport include: financial services and ATMs, luggage services, a lost and found, a children’s play area, conference and business meeting rooms, accessibility for disabled visitors and more. Each terminal features a selection of shops as well as dining options, including both cafes and bars.

Travel between Bordeaux Airport and the city centre is made easy with a variety of transportation options. These include local bus service, Bordeaux Airport shuttle service and taxis. The airport also offers car rental services for easy transportation. Parking is available in five car parks which may be booked ahead of travel time. Whether you need short-term, long-term, indoor or outdoor parking, the airport offers several options at varying rates to accommodate visitors’ needs.