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Found in the northern region of Belgium, Bruges is among the most beautiful European cities. Compact and easily explorable in a day, this illustrious medieval settlement features gorgeous architecture, narrow streets and quaint open-air markets. The city canals further add a touch of traditional and romantic beauty. The entire historic city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With such a distinct charm, Bruges is always worth visiting, whether for an extended stay or just for a quick visit. Served by Ostend-Bruges International Airport, it’s easy to access the city via Ryanair flights to Bruges, Belgium. Bruges flights are available from many cities throughout Europe and the world: whether you’d like to visit via Ryanair flights to Bruges from UK, London to Bruges flights, flights to Bruges from Manchester, cheap flights to Bruges from London Gatwick or more, travelling to Bruges is easy and affordable for anyone.

Bruges Weather

Bruges weather is cold and damp. The average temperature in July and August, the city’s hottest months, is just 20°C. While this isn’t fit for a beach resort, it’s quite a comfortable temperature for the sort of city that Bruges is. January, the coldest month, keeps an average temperature of around 5°C. Rainfall is consistent year-round with an average of 203mm of rainfall per month. Due to favorable temperatures, summer is the best time to visit Bruges. That said, be aware that Bruges weather in summer is still quite rainy; don’t expect clear and sunny days throughout your visit. Winter is to be avoided with frigid Bruges weather, though you may want to make an early winter trip to experience the city’s Christmas cheer—a unique atmosphere Bruges offers to visitors.

Bruges Airport

Ostend–Bruges International Airport

Ostend Bruges Airport is the nearest airport to Bruges. The Bruges airport offers a handful of amenities and services to passengers of Ostend Airport flights and direct flights to Bruges, including free WiFi access, facilities for children (heating baby food, changing stations), designated smoking areas and restaurant options for dining between Bruges flights. Being the nearest airport to Bruges, passengers can easily reach other cities with Bruges to London flights, flights from Bruges to UK, flights Bruges to Dublin and more. Supporting flights to Bruges from Birmingham, flights to Bruges from Dublin, flights to Bruges from Leeds Bradford and flights Bruges to Dublin, it’s the perfect destination airport for visitors.

There are a variety of transport options from Ostend Airport to Bruges. One can travel to and from Ostend Bruges Airport via train or bus. Those wishing for a more direct route from Ostend Airport to Bruges can arrange for taxi or car rental. Bruges Airport has three parking areas for added convenience to those taking Ostend Airport flights and cheap flights to Bruges, Belgium.