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Find out how to visit this beautiful city; Brussels.

Cheapest Flights to Brussels

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and the largest municipality in the Brussels-Capital Region. It serves as the historic centre of the region and hosts many international institutions, including many of the European Union offices. The city is both French- and Dutch-speaking, and features a diverse population thanks to its hosting the European Union. The city retains its Flemish medieval character, offering beautiful architectural sights spread throughout the city. Its historic centre is smaller compared to other Flemish cities. The city’s beauty and culture encourage many visitors to the city on Brussels flights. Served by Brussels Airport, many take advantage of cheap flights to Brussels, Belgium throughout the year. Direct flights to Brussels, Belgium are available from Europe, particularly cheap flights to Brussels from the UK. It’s easy to find cheap flights from Brussels or last minute flights from Brussels with Tripoki, so don’t wait to book low cost flights from Brussels and low cost flights to Brussels!

Brussels Weather

Brussels weather is cool and very damp. The hottest month for Brussels weather is August with an average high temperature of 23°C. January ad February are coldest, typically ranging from 1-6°C. Precipitation is evenly spread throughout the year, though November and December experience the rainiest Brussels weather with an average of 79mm of precipitation in both months. Snowfall rarely occurs but melts quickly. This makes winters wet and slushy instead of particularly snowy. The best times to visit the city are in the shoulder seasons of fall and spring. The weather is enjoyable in these seasons, and you’ll avoid the crowds of the summer months.

Brussels Airports

Brussels Airport

The Brussels International Airport has a variety of services and amenities for its passengers. Brussels Airport offers baggage trolleys, a play area, meeting services, shopping and more. The Brussels International Airport Pharmacy offers all your medical needs before boarding Air Brussels flights, and the many Brussels International Airport restaurants keep passengers energized for their Brussels flights or between a Brussels International Airport connecting flight.

Brussels Airport is close to the city and surrounding ones. The distance from Brussels International Airport to Antwerp is just a 45km, about a half hour drive by car between Brussels International Airport to Brussels. Brussels International Airport distance to city centre is just 12km. Getting to Brussels International Airport from the city and back is also easy thanks to the many transportation options. From Brussels Airport, including train and bus. Shuttles carry passengers to hotels in Brussels International Airport. There are 15 hotels in Brussels International Airport and its vicinity, further making getting to Brussels International Airport easy. In addition to mass transit, one can arrange for taxi or limousine services for getting to Brussels International Airport, making it a great place for travel including Brussells International Airport to Antwerp, Brussels to Nice flights, direct flights from Brussels and flights to Brussels from UK.