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Budapest is the capital of Hungary and the nation’s most populous city. It’s one of the biggest cities in the entire European Union and also one of the most densely populated. The city is found in the centre of the Carpathian Basin. Once two separate cities—Buda and Pest on opposite ends of the Danube River—Buda is the hillier section of the city while the Pest side is relatively flat. Budapest is divided into 23 districts. With a great nightlife, beautiful natural vistas, excellent music and overall youthful atmosphere, the city is a popular travel destination with direct flights to Budapest and cheap air tickets to Budapest and cheap flights to Budapest. Trips to Budapest are a great way of experiencing the city culture with cheap tickets to Budapest and Budapest travel and cheap flights to Hungary Budapest.

Budapest Weather

Budapest belongs to an oceanic climate with warm, though not very hot, summers and cold winters. Summers for weather Budapest Hungary are very long, going from May into September, and visitors may expect sudden rain in early summer. Winters are also long, running from November into March. Budapest winters are dark with little sunshine and frequent snow. July and August are the hottest months with an average daily Budapest temperature of 22°C. January is the coldest month with an average Budapest temperature of 0°C. The best time to visit Budapest is at the very beginning or very end of summer (March-May or September-November). These months offer comfortable and mild weather Budapest Hungary without the crowds of tourists in the peak summer season. This is the best time for trips to Budapest. Expect affordable rates on hotel rooms, cheap flights to Budapest, Budapest tickets and cheap flights from Budapest during these shoulder seasons, and enjoy outdoor activities while avoiding the wettest season the height of summer is known for.

Budapest Airports

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport has an array of amenities to accommodate those on Budapest Airport transfer or those entering and leaving the city. These include lounges, a visitor terrace, WiFi, a place of worship, children’s play area and restaurants as well as shops. Moving from Budapest Airport to city is easy with Budapest airport transit. With an airport shuttle Budapest, travelers can move from one terminal to another or easily take the shuttle Budapest to their hotels or make airport transfer Budapest. The Budapest Airport minibus is a convenient option, with the Budapest airport shuttle quickly transporting passengers where they need to be. Getting from Budapest Airport to city centre or Budapest to Airport is also made easy with the Budapest taxi airport, car rental, limo service or other Budapest Airport transport. For those driving, parking Budapest airport is available in three tiers: terminal parking, holiday parking and holiday plus parking. These Budapest Airport parking options provide convenience for all budgets. Those who don’t want to travel far may stay at a Budapest airport hotel. Getting from Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport to city centre is easy for passengers and Budapest transfers.