Burgas Flights

Known for its thermal baths and beautiful beaches, Burgas makes for a lovely holiday at any time of year.

Cheap Flights to Burgas

Resting on the Black Sea, Burgas is the second-largest Bulgarian city on the coast and is the capital of Burgas Province. Commonly frequented each year by travellers, it’s one of the region’s most popular travel destinations. To what does it owe its popularity? Burgas’ beautiful beaches and healing thermal baths have long drawn tourists into its grasp, and its surrounding lakes provide much of its splendour as well. Despite its luxurious beauty, Burgas is a wonderfully affordable destination for a Bulgarian holiday. It’s easy finding cheap flights to Burgas in just a matter of moments using Tripoki.

Burgas Weather

Burgas weather belongs to a humid subtropical climate. Weather is typically warm for much of the year, with summer effectively lasting from May through September. Winter months can be chilly but are milder than those of other Bulgarian cities. Snow is common throughout the winter and sometimes even March, though it usually doesn’t stick around for long. Precipitation is evenly spread throughout the year, although August and September see slightly fewer days of rain than other months. The coldest month for Burgas weather is January with an average low temperature of -1 °C. July and August are the hottest months of Burgas weather with an average high of 28 °C. The best time to book flights to Burgas Bulgaria is in the summer time, when you can enjoy the city’s beaches and lakes. If the tourist season is too crowded, you may have an easier time finding cheap flights to Burgas Bulgaria during the fall.

Burgas Airports

Burgas Airport

Burgas Airport is the primary airport servicing international flights to Burgas Bulgaria. Whether flying cheap flights to Burgas or other Burgas flights, Burgas International Airport is one of the best airports in the country and is among its busiest. Burgas Bulgaria Airport has several amenities to ensure smooth travels for passengers. Services offered by Burgas Airport include: VIP services, a children’s play area, banking/currency exchange, free wifi throughout the airport and more. In addition to these services, passengers may enjoy shopping at the several retailers available at the terminal. The airport features several dining options to enjoy as well.

Getting from Burgas Bulgaria Airport to the city centre is possible via several airport transportation Burgas options. Burgas International Airport is reachable via taxi, city bus, Burgas Airport shuttle and car rental. Parking at Burgas Airport is commensurate on the amount of time parked. There are five car parks for visitor cars, and more car parks for other vehicles (rentals, taxi, VIP, etc.).