Cairo Flights

One of the largest cities on the continent, Cairo has much to offer travellers and tourists.

Cheap Flights to Cairo

As one of the largest metropolitan areas in Africa, Cairo is the capital of Egypt and one of the country’s most popular travel destinations. Cairo is often known for its several significant historic attractions that hail back to the times of Ancient Egypt, including the Great Pyramids of Giza. More recently, the city is coming into its own after a recent political revolution, which makes it even more interesting place to explore in recent years. Cairo is located on the northern end of Egypt along the Nile, close to the Nile Delta. Cairo has a population of about 19.5 million. Appropriate to such an affordable travel destination, finding cheap flights to Cairo and cheap tickets to Cairo is easy, even with major Cairo airlines.

Cairo Weather

Cairo weather belongs to a hot desert climate, which allows for long, hot and dry summers. Winters are short—just a couple months long—and very mild and comfortable. There is almost no precipitation in the summer and very little in the winter, with January (the wettest month) averaging about 3.5 precipitation days on average. The city is so dry that wind storms from the nearby Saharan desert are common. July is the hottest month for Cairo weather with an average high of 35 °C. January is the coldest month with an average low of 9 °C. Due to the sweltering heat that is common in the summer, the best time to book flights to Cairo is during the shoulder seasons or winter. This allows for better choices on cheap flights to Cairo and also avoids the crowds of summer holiday-goers. Off-seasons are best for finding cheap tickets to Cairo as well.

Cairo Airports

Cairo Airport

Cairo International Airport is the primary airport servicing flight to Cairo and Cairo airlines. Whether taking Paris to Cairo flights or Chicago to Cairo flights, Cairo International Airport is the easiest way to reach the city. The distance to airport form the Cairo city centre is about 15km. Passengers may check Cairo Airport arrivals and departures on the airport website. Cairo Airport offers several amenities and services to ensure smooth, stress-free travel for passengers. Some of these include a luxury airport hotel, banking services, medical services, lounges and more. Travellers to Cairo Airport may enjoy duty-free shopping for souvenirs and essentials. Several quick-service restaurants are also available. Getting to Cairo Airport from the city and back is easy with Cairo Airport transportation. Cairo Airport transportation options include limo service, taxi hire, shuttle bus, city bus and car rental. Cairo airport parking is available outside Terminal 1 among nine different car parks. Pricing varies by amount of time parked.