Cannes Flights

Whether you’re going for the film festival or to sunbathe on the coast, find cheap flights to Cannes today.

Cheap Flights to Cannes

Widely known for its International Film Festival, Cannes is an iconic city that’s attracted film buffs, celebrities and those chasing the glamorous lifestyle. Found on the beautiful French Riviera, the lush coastal city is favoured for its beautiful beaches, enjoyable weather and luxurious attractions and amenities. While the film festival has the widest acclaim, Cannes is host to several high-profile events and conferences throughout the year, making it a popular destination for hobbyists and business travellers as well. Travellers may easily find cheap flights to Cannes with Tripoki at any time of year.

Cannes Weather

Cannes weather is quite warm due to its Mediterranean climate. Winter weather is mild, as is typical for the French Riviera. Summer months are warm, but not too stifling; in fact, temperatures are quite enjoyable year-round. The hottest month for Cannes weather is August with an average high of 28 °C. January is the coldest month with an average low of 3 °C. While precipitation is spread relatively evenly throughout the year, rain isn’t very common; the wettest months receive about 7 or fewer days of significant precipitation. The best time to visit Cannes is in the early fall. This allows you to avoid the steep influx of tourist in the summer. While you may be tempted to visit in late spring, it’s best avoided: this is when the Cannes Film Festival occurs and is among the busiest (and most expensive) times to visit. Finding cheap flights to Cannes France is best enjoyed in early fall before the weather becomes too damp or cool.

Cannes Airports

Cannes Airport

While there is a Cannes airport serving the city, it is not for commercial international flights. Those looking for a Cannes international airport will want to fly in to nearby Nantes Atlantique Airport. This Cannes airport has several amenities to ensure comfortable airport transportation Cannes. Services at the Cannes France airport include banking services and currency exchange, luggage services and trolleys, conference rooms, accessibility for those with disabilities and more. In addition, the airport features several shops and dining options for visitors to enjoy.

Several airport transportation Cannes options make it easy to get from the airport to the city. The airport is easily accessible via city bus, taxi services and car rental. A Cannes airport shuttle is also available for stress-free travel to and from the airport. The airport has ten car parks supporting short-term parking, long-term parking and different rates depending on visitor need. Overall, these services ensure comfortable travel despite the airport’s relative distance from Cannes city centre.