Chester Flights

With its many historic, well-preserved landmarks, Chester is the ideal destination for short holidays.

Cheapest Flights to Chester

Chester is a beautiful English town found along the River Dee in Cheshire. The city has an illustrious history, as can be observed from the many well-preserved landmarks throughout. Chester has more complete city walls in the UK and the oldest racecourse. The city’s biggest historic draw, though, is its Roman-era ruins, most notably the largest Roman Amphitheatre in Britain. With so many wonderful activities and attractions, Chester has established itself as the perfect destination for short holidays and quick trips. Many visit from other UK cities or other parts of the world via Chester flights and cheap flights to Chester.

Chester Weather

Chester’s oceanic climate keeps it relatively mild and moderate, much like the rest of the UK. While the city is close to the Irish Sea, its climate resembles that of an inland city with warm, comfortable temperatures. Rainfall remains rather consistent throughout the year, though late fall through the winter are the wettest months of the year. There are about 135 rainy days per year. The average high temperature in July, the hottest month of the year, is 21°C. December through February are coldest, averaging anywhere from 1-8°C. The best time to visit Chester is the summertime. This is when you can enjoy city races at Roodee Racecourse, participate in the many city festivals and have a drink outdoors. Beware that this is peak tourist season, which means cheap flights to Chester, England and affordable rates for hotels in Chester may be tougher to come by. To beat the crowds, consider visiting in spring. This season lets you enjoy outdoor activities in the city, despite being a little cooler.

Chester Airports

Manchester Airport

While there is no primary Chester airport, Manchester Airport is a major UK airport close to the city. The airport provides convenient Manchester airport transfers, airport transfers Chester and Chester airport transfers for those traveling from afar. Manchester Airport services many destinations, including flights from London to Chester, Dublin to Chester flights, flights to West Chester and flights from Belfast to Chester. Amenities at Manchester Airport include lounges, shopping, dining, internet access and financial services. This is the ideal locations for flights from Chester or into the city.

Getting from the airport to Chester is easy. With a variety of transport options—both public and private—passengers can easily get from their flights to Chester, England to their hotels in Chester. Options include train, coach and numerous bus lines. Car rental, care hire and taxis are also available to those travelling by road. There are three terminals offering parking for both long- and short-term stay, further providing convenience for passengers on flights from Chester.