Chiang Mai Flights

Chiang Mai is a beautiful Thai city offering lush nature, stunning temples and amazing textiles.

Cheap Flights to Chiang Mai

Where is Chiang Mai? Chiang Mai is found in Northern Thailand in the Chiang Mai province, of which the city is the capital. Chiang Mai has a relatively large population of expatriates, giving the city a worldly and cosmopolitan air that is attractive to many travellers. In addition to the city’s ancient sites—contained within a walled city and surrounded by a moat—Chiang Mai offers lush, natural beauty in the forests and mountains that surround it. These qualities make the city a favourite for travellers on holiday, and the city offers a tamer atmosphere than the no-holds-barred nightlife of other Thai destinations. Those looking for cheap flights to Chiang Mai Thailand should begin their search with Tripoki. Tripoki offers the best cheap flights Chiang Mai, including the fastest travel options from a chosen airport or airline. There is no better way to discover Chiang Mai flights and Chiang Mai flight tickets, including flights from Chiang Mai headed back home.

Chiang Mai Weather

Chiang Mai weather is classified as belonging to a tropical savannah climate. Chiang Mai weather is typically warm to hot, though temperatures are tempered by the city’s moderate elevation. Chiang Mai weather experiences a dry season from November until March, during which night-time temperatures are often cool. The remaining months are significantly wetter, with 15-20 rainy days per month. April is the hottest month at 29°C, and December is coolest at 21°C. The best time to book cheap flights to Chiang Mail Thailand is during the dry season. During this time, you may enjoy the best Chiang Mai weather available. Beware crowds: if you want to avoid crowded tourist destinations, you’re best off visiting during the rainy season, though the weather may hamper your enjoyment. Cheap tickets to Chiang Mai and hotel fare are cheaper outside of the dry season’s peak tourist season, so choose this time for cheap flights Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai Airports

Chiang Mai Airport

Chiang Mai International Airport, also known as Chiang Mai Aiport or CNX Airport, is the primary airport serving cheap tickets to Chiang Mai and is the central travel hub for the region. Offering a terminal for domestic flights and a terminal for international Chiang Mai flights, Chiang Mai Airports offers services and amenities that you would expect: health services, information, security, money exchange, travel agents and more. Passengers on flights to Chiang Mai Thailand or flights from Chiang Mai may shop at Chiang Mai Airport’s many stores, where they can find silk, crafts and souvenirs, as well as duty-free shopping. Chiang Mai International Airport is only 10 minutes away from the city centre by car, making travel from flights Chiang Mai to city centre fast and convenient. Travellers may rent a car, arrange for a limousine, or take a taxi or tuk-tuk. Passengers should also check if their hotel provides a free shuttle between CNX Airport and their destination. CNX Airport has a car park where rates vary by car (4- or 6-wheeled) and number of hours parked. Parking for motorbikes is free, making this a convenient choice of Chiang Mai airports and Chiang Mai flight tickets.