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Chios Greece is the fifth-largest island found in the Aegean Sea, located just 7km from the Anatolian coast and close to Turkey. The island is enjoyed by many thanks to its beautifully temperate climate, beloved mastiff products, beautiful wildlife and fine wine. In addition to these features, Chios Island has an abundance of historic sites ranging from the Hellenist, Roman and Byzantine eras. Chios Town, the main city on the island, is a surprisingly modern city amidst this island of history and tradition, further colouring the rich culture of the island. Those hoping to visit Chios Greece can book flights to Chios at the best rates with Tripoki. Tripoki provides the best prices on flights to Chios throughout the year and from destinations across the world.

Chios Weather

Chios enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate, which means it enjoys warm summers and mild winters. It’s comfortable year-round; the average high in the hottest months of July and August are 28 °C. January and February, meanwhile—the coldest months—have an average low of 5°C. It’s not beach weather, but by no means is it uncomfortable. Precipitation is rare in the summertime on Chios Island, while December and January typically receive over 100mm of precipitation on average. The best time to visit Chios Greece is in the summer: June through September. This is ideal for those planning to visit Chios Greece for sunbathing and enjoying the beach and sea waters. If you intend to explore historic sites and ruins, come during the spring. This time of year remains enjoyable temperature-wise, and you’ll beat the crowds of peak tourist season. Booking flights to Chios at this time of year, as well as hotel accommodations, are likely to be cheaper than in the summer.

Chios Airports

Chios Airport

Chios Airport (airport code JKH) is the main airport servicing flights to Chios Greece. JKH Airport is small but stress-free; providing the standard amenities (information desk, luggage services) as well as a few shops to refuel after flights to Chios. While there isn’t much eating or shopping to be done, many enjoy the airport for its laid-back atmosphere and courteous staff. The airport can become quite crowded in the summer, so the shoulder and off-season is provides for the smoothest experience at JKH. Currently, Chios Airport is undergoing renovations and expansion. Getting from JKH Chios Airport to Chios Town and other villages on Chios Island is easiest by road. One can take the public bus or hire a taxi from Chios Airport. Car rental is available to those who would rather drive themselves. JKH also offers a car park with both short-term and long-term parking, allowing for convenient travel to and from flights to Chios.