Cologne Flights

One of the most cosmopolitan German cities with stunning Roman architecture, book flights to Cologne now for the perfect holiday getaway.

Cheapest Flights to Cologne

Resting along the River Rhine in North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne is one of the largest cities in Germany and serves as one of the country’s biggest tourist hotspots. With a history that hearkens back to the Roman Empire, Cologne throughout the ages has remained an important cultural centre. With a wealth of historic attractions, Cologne is a surprisingly modern city by today’s standards. Its many Roman-era landmarks attract travelers from all over the world. With Tripoki, you can easily book cheap Cologne flights and low cost flights to Cologne from several major cities from around the world.

Cologne Weather

Cologne weather is very warm compared to that of other German cities. Its summers are warm, and rarely hot. Winters are a bit cold, approaching freezing temperatures but typically not dipping far below. Another unique characteristic of Cologne weather is that it has more overcast and cloudy weather than surrounding cities. Precipitation is consistent throughout the year, but expect a slight bit more rain in summer—particularly thunderstorms. The daily mean in July, the city’s hottest month, is 19°C. January and February are coldest, with a daily mean of 3°C. The most popular time to book Cologne flights is in the summer. Summer weather is enjoyable, but can become too humid for some travelers’ comfort. That said, there’s much to enjoy outdoors at this time of year, from outdoor dining to beer gardens to simply enjoying the sights. For cheaper cologne flights and lodging rates, stop by in the fall. This way you can still enjoy excellent Cologne weather, cheap flights to Cologne and avoid crowds of tourists.

Cologne Airports

Cologne Bonn Airport

Cologne Bonn Airport is the closest and most convenient destination for cheap flights London to Cologne, flights from Dublin to cologne and other low cost flights to Cologne. Cologne Bonn Airport has an array of services and amenities for Cologne Bonn Airport arrivals passengers or those traveling from the city. These include shopping, dining, financial services, Cologne Bonn Airport hotel, an observation deck and more. With so many services, flights to Cologne Germany are stress-free and enjoyable to passengers—the perfect destination for flights from UK to Cologne Bonn airport, London to Cologne flights, cheap flights to Cologne from Manchester and cheap flights to Cologne Germany. There are many ways for Cologne Bonn Airport arrivals to get from Cologne Bonn Airport to their destinations. Rent a car Cologne Bonn Airport or ride a bus from Cologne Airport to Bonn. In addition to the bus Cologne Airport to Bonn, one can take the train or a taxi into the city. Cologne Bonn Airport parking is divided among four car parks: two in the terminals and two within easy walking distance.