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Coventry is a quaint, quiet and comfortable town that’s perfect for a quick weekend holiday.

Cheapest Flights to Coventry

Located in the West Midlands of England, Coventry is the 11th-largest city in the UK. The city is old, most recognized for its ties to the legendary Lady Godiva and its church and cathedrals. These churches are so popular among city visitors that they’ve affectionately nicknamed it “The Three Spired City” after the three cathedral spires that dominate its skyline. It’s important to remember that despite the city’s age, it’s quite modern; because most of it was rebuilt following the Second World War, very little architecture of the city’s history remains today. With Tripoki, one can easily book cheap Coventry flights and flights to Coventry from a variety of origins. Some of these include Cheap flights from London to Coventry, Glasgow to Coventry flights, Edinburgh to Coventry flights, flights from Dublin to Coventry airport and more.

Coventry Weather

Coventry weather is much like that of the rest of the UK: cool, manageable summers and chilly yet mild winters. Precipitation is fairly consistent throughout the year, both in terms of average rainfall and rainy days. Expect 13-18 rainy days for each month of the year. That said, summer experiences a tad less rain—particularly July, which is the hottest month in the city. July and August have an average temperature of 17°C. December through February, the coldest months, hold and average of 4°C. The best time to visit Coventry is in mid-to-late summer. During this season, you can enjoy the best Coventry Airport weather (including periods with the most dryness) and outdoor activities within the city. Beware: this is peak tourist season, so Coventry Airport flights might be difficult to get a hold of. Booking early can help alleviate this problem with cheap flights from London to Coventry, Dakota flights Coventry, Newcastle to Coventry flights, Aberdeen to Coventry flights and other destinations.

Coventry Airports

Coventry Airport

Coventry Airport is small, but the nearest airport to Coventry serving thirteen different destinations. It’s light on amenities, typically serving private charters and pilots. That said, its support for competitive airlines and cheap flights from Coventry Airport make it a popular choice for Coventry flights. One can easily travel between it and other popular airports via a variety of transport options: Coventry to Birmingham Airport train, Coventry to Stansted Airport, Coventry to Luton Airport, Coventry to Birmingham Airport bus, Coventry to East Midlands Airport and more. In addition to being the closest airport to Coventry, the nearby Coventry Airport Museum educates guests between flights on aviation. There are many ways to get from Birmingham Airport to Coventry train, other airports or the city itself from Coventry Airport. The simplest solution is to hire a taxi. Coventry is also just 15 minutes’ drive from the rail station; from there, passengers can take two train services or make the bus.