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One of Britain’s most pristine and beautiful towns, Derby has enchanted travellers with its rolling hiss and charming, old-world feel.

Cheap Flights to Derby

Located along the River Derwent in south Derbyshire, Derby is a quaint and quiet city that’s said to be the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Originally a small market town settled by the Romans, Derby quickly became an incredibly industrious city. Its status as an economic centre had risen throughout the 19th century with the introduction of the British railways, of which Derby was a central hub. Despite its industrial growth, Derby was met with decline in the latter quarter of the 20th century. Today, the city has rejuvenated itself to become an attractive tourist destination, particularly for deaf travellers thanks to its large community of sign language users. Finding cheap flights to Derby United Kingdom is easy at any time of year. Travellers may easily find cheap tickets to Derby United Kingdom in minutes with Tripoki.

Derby Weather

Derby weather is characterized as belonging to an oceanic climate. Derby weather is consistent with other climates of the British Isles. Derby is quite cool throughout the year, experiencing mild summer months and cold, but not too frigid, winter months. The hottest month in Derby is July with an average high temperature of 21 °C. Derby is coldest during January with an average low of 1 °C. Derby is quite rainy, with precipitation spread throughout the year. Snowfall is common in the winter. The best time to book flights to Derby United Kingdom is during the summer. This time of the year offers the best Derby weather, allowing you to enjoy the city’s outdoor attractions. It may be easier finding cheap tickets to Derby United Kingdom at other times of year; alternatives include late spring or early autumn if finding cheap flights to Derby United Kingdom is too difficult during the summer.

Derby Airports

Derby Airport

The closest Derby airport is the East Midlands airport. While there is no Derby United Kingdom Airport proper, East Midlands is the primary international airport servicing flights to Derby. How far is the airport from Derby? East Midlands Airport is just a half hour’s drive from the city, making it the most convenient choice in Derby United Kingdom Airport. The Derby Airport offers a variety of services and amenities to its visitors. Derby airport services include: an airport lounge, a place for prayer and worship, free wifi throughout the airport, a beautiful aviation museum, shopping services, pre-booking services and airport hotels.

How to get to the airport from Derby? The Derby airport is just a half hour away, making travel from the Derby airport to city centre fast and simple. Transportation options from the Derby airport to city centre include coach service, public bus, taxi service, car hire, train and even bicycle. East Midlands Airport has ten car parks, many of which are a short walk from the terminals. Those which are at a distance offer free bus transfer for easy access to the terminal.