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Dublin is on the central eastern coast of Ireland and is the country’s largest and capital city. It rests on the mouth of the River Liffey and is surrounded by plains on its northern and western borders. To the city’s southern border is the Wicklow mountain range. The River Liffey bisects the city, diving it into northern and southern halves, which are crossed by lesser rivers and canals. The river traditionally contributed to a cultural divide between the city’s north and south populations, but this hardly applies today. The city is commonly divided into five districts: the Creative, Cultural, Docklands, Georgian, Medieval Quarters. Getting to and from the city via Dublin flights is easy, with Dublin International Airport located just 10km from the city. With U.S. border preclearance, it’s an excellent option for American travelers. The airport connects directly to many of the world’s leading airports, ensuring simple and stress-free travel via Dublin flights.

Dublin Weather

Dublin weather is comfortable year-round, rarely dipping into extreme temperatures. Summers are cool and winters are mild, and rainfall is spread evenly throughout the year. This region in the world is known for frequent precipitation, but Dublin weather is the driest in the country. If you want to ensure a sunny stay, visit Dublin in late spring or early summer.

There’s little variation in temperature throughout the year. The average high in July and August are 19 °C, and highs in winter typically reach up to 8 °C. Due to mild temperatures, prepare for rain to be more common in the winter than snowfall. If the season experiences unusually strong Atlantic winds, the chance of snowfall along with colder temperatures is common.

There’s no single best time to visit Dublin, but certain seasons will be more attractive based on your travel preferences. Summer offers the most comfortable weather and plenty events to attend, but the high volume of tourists ensures flight tickets to Dublin will run more expensive. If you don’t mind spending a little more on Dublin flights and hotel fare, then summer is a great time to visit. Late fall or winter experiences less crowds and cheaper Dublin flights and hotel fare. While there may be less outdoor activities to take part in during the winter, the comfortable weather and festive atmosphere of the holidays makes this a great alternative to the summer tourist season, and it’ll probably be easiet to find Dublin flight tickets at a good price.

Finding Cheap Flights to Dublin with tripoki

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With so many options from tripoki, it’s easy to find cheap flights to Dublin and direct flights to Dublin, even on short notice. After you book flights to Dublin, you can take care of other Dublin flights details like renting a car and booking a hotel room in advance. Of course, we’ll help you find great deals for those, too.

Dublin Airports

Dublin International Airport (DUB)

Dublin Airport is located just 10 km north of the city, making it the ideal choice for airports near Dublin. In addition to passenger flights, Dublin airport offers an always-open private terminal as part of its Platinum program, which includes meeting spaces and private check-in. While it no longer offers a concierge service of its own, passengers can take care of the little details through its partner, AirOps. Its information desks are found at the Arrivals section of its two public terminals, Terminals 1 and 2.

Dublin Airport has a wide selection of retailers and shops so you can find whatever you need between Dublin flights on your stay, from luxury products to everyday essentials. If you’re hurt for time, make your order online or use the airport’s own shopping service.

One service that is unique to Dublin International Airport is its U.S. border preclearance. This allows United States-bound passengers to be cleared by U.S. customs before departing the city. Dublin Airport is one of the only two European airports that offers this service. There are no airports near Dublin offering long-haul flights, so this is the ideal choice. 

Dublin International Airport is among the busiest in Europe, connecting to many destinations (including Schiphol flights to and from Schiphol Airport and Schiphol train station). With direct connections to leading airports that fly to Dublin on the continent and beyond, it’s easy to get from cities like Schiphol to Dublin with minimal time and stress. Book flights to Dublin Airport from any origin point with tripoki.