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Edinburgh Flights

Famous for its many festivals and cultural events, Edinburgh is a favourite UK destination for international travel.

Cheap Flights to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of Scotland’s most treasured cities and serves as the country’s capital. It’s among the biggest cultural centres of Scotland thanks to its large student population, deep history and official place of residence for the Scottish monarchy. In addition to its artistic culture, historic landmarks and natural beauty, Edinburgh is a popular travel destination thanks to the many events and festivals held there throughout the year. Among the most popular are the Edinburgh Fringe and the Edinburgh International Festival. Edinburgh is an affordable destination, and you can easily find cheap flights to Edinburgh at any time of year. You can quickly find cheap flights to Edinburgh with Tripoki no matter what airline or airport you prefer. This way, you can find the fastest or cheapest flights to Edinburgh in just minutes without any headaches.

Edinburgh Weather

Edinburgh weather belongs to a temperate maritime climate. Overall, temperatures are mild; winter months rarely see temperatures below freezing, and summers often don’t become too hot. That said, proximity to the sea may allow for temperature variation. July and August are the hottest months in Edinburgh with an average high of 19 °C. December and January both tie for coldest with an average low of 1°C. Precipitation is spread throughout the year, though you’ll see slightly less during the summer. Both the height of spring and fall are known to experience windstorms. The cheapest time to fly to Edinburgh is during the winter. The best time to travel and book flights to Edinburgh Scotland is during the summer, when the city hosts many of its festivals and events. If you prefer not to visit the festivals—they are quite crowded—another popular time to book cheap flights to Edinburgh is fall or spring.

Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport is the primary airport servicing flights to Edinburgh Scotland. In fact, Edinburgh International Airport is the busiest airport in all of Scotland. The airport in Edinburgh offers many services and amenities to its visitors. Some of the facilities and services offered by Edinburgh International Airport include financial and banking services, dry cleaning, family care facilities, internet access, a courier service, meeting spaces for business travel, Edinburgh Airport lounges, smoking areas, a prayer room and more. Visitors may also take care of any travel essentials among the airport in Edinburgh’s many shops and dining areas between flights to Edinburgh.

Getting from the airport in Edinburgh to city centre takes only about a half hour by car. There are many transportation options available for easy travel between Edinburgh International Airport and the city. Travel options from Edinburgh Airport include car rental, care hire, taxi service, and trams. The airport offers valet parking, terminal parking and a long stay car park, all of which may be booked in advance on the Edinburgh Airport website.