Eindhoven Flights

Embark on a historic journey to one of the Netherland’s oldest cities.

Cheapest Flights to Eindhoven

Eindhoven is found in North Brabant near the southern edge of the Netherlands, and is the fifth largest city in the country. It’s 126 km south of Amsterdam, about an hour and a half’s drive by car. While the city is impressively modern, Eindhoven is actually one of the oldest in the Netherlands; prior to the 20th century, it was just a small village that exploded in growth with support from electronics company Philips. Eindhoven has a great deal of cultural activity, including museums, the Dutch Design Academy, cinemas and an active music scene. Eindhoven makes for a pleasant stay for frugal travelers thanks to cheap flights to Eindhoven from UK, flights from London to Eindhoven, flights to Eindhoven from Manchester and other areas of the world. With early Eindhoven flights served by its airport, the city is perfect as both a destination or quick overnight stay.

Eindhoven Weather

Eindhoven weather is a little warmer in the summer and a bit colder in the winter when compared to coastal cities in the region. Eindhoven weather in winter is still relatively mild; typical winters have no lasting snow cover, though frost is common. The hottest month for Eindhoven weather is July with an average temperature of 18°C. January has the coldest Eindhoven weather with an average daily mean of 3°C. Precipitation is consistent year-round, with 13-17 precipitation days on average per month.

Because Eindhoven weather isn’t extreme, it’s hard to pin down an absolute best time to visit. That said, summer is a great time to experience the city. As the peak tourist season in the city, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with other travelers this time of year. Regardless, summer offers the most comfortable weather with warm temperatures and sunny days. To save on Eindhoven flights during peak tourist season, book your cheap flights to Eindhoven early.

Eindhoven Airports

Eindhoven Airport

Where is Eindhoven Airport? Eindhoven Airport to city centre is just 7.6km. There are over 75 Eindhoven airport destinations, offering numerous choices for flights from Eindhoven. Eindhoven Airport offers numerous services and facilities for smooth travel and quick check-in. With information desks Eindhoven Airport departures and Eindhoven Airport departures halls, as well as service desks for collecting flight tickets and trip planning, it’s easy to take care of final travel arrangements on departure or arrival. Eindhoven Airport facilities include a children’s play area, a meditation centre, medical services and slot machines. For a good night’s rest, stay at the Eindhoven airport hotel. The Tulip Inn Aindhoven Airport is the perfect place to stay overnight, with a gym, bar and restaurant right in the terminal.

Getting from Eindhoven Airport to surrounding cities, including Eindhoven, is simple with a variety of transport options. Passengers can move from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam train station or other cities directly via the two major railways at the airport. Moving from Amsterdam to Eindhoven Airport is just as simple. In addition to train travel, there’s also the Eindhoven Airport bus. The Eindhoven Airport bus carries passengers to Eindhoven Central Station. Finally, Eindhoven Airport car hire is available, as well as car rental Eindhoven Airport. Eindhoven Airport parking is available when reserved online, with four tiers to choose from. With car hire Eindhoven Airport, you won’t need to worry about paying to park.