Florence Flights

As the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, there’s much to see and do in Florence.

Cheap Flights to Florence

Regarded as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Florence Italy is one of Italy’s top tourist destinations with several museums and historic attractions. Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region and sits on the Arno River. It’s also close to the Apennine mountain range that reaches from the north of the country into the southern peninsula. Known for its arable soil, the city is surrounded by orchards and farms. It lies 230km northwest of Rome. If you’re eager to visit Florence for yourself, you can discover cheap flights to Florence Italy easily with Tripoki. Tripoki's robust travel search engine helps you find flights to Florence Italy according to budget, travel time, preferred airline and other terms. This way you can find cheap tickets to Florence Italy fast, whether it be a flight from London to Florence, a Paris to Florence flight or something else.

Florence Weather

Florence weather is classified as belonging to a humid subtropical climate. This is characterized by hot summers and cool (but not cold) winters. Florence weather is no stranger to wetness: winters are damp, and summers typically feature light or moderate rainfall. While there is snowfall each year, it rarely accumulates. The hottest months for Florence weather are July and August, which average 25°C. December and January tie for coolest at 7°C on average. Florence’s climate allows it to be enjoyable at any time of year. That said, summers can be most enjoyable, so booking tickets to Florence Italy from May through September is ideal. Those who want to avoid hot and humid weather shouldn’t visit in the hottest months, though early fall can be a nice time for cheap flights to Florence Italy. If you want to visit ahead of tourists, plan flights to Florence Italy in late spring.

Florence Airports

Florence Airport

Florence Airport, also known as Florence International Airport, is the main airport servicing flights to Florence Italy and flights out of the city. How far is the airport from centre city? Florence Airport is just 4km from the city centre, so passengers of cheap flights to Florence Italy can get to their destination quickly as possible. Florence Italy Airport offers world-class amenities and services such as an airport lounge those with tickets to Florence Italy, lost baggage services, tourist services, special assistance to those in need and more. Florence Italy Airport also hosts a selection of restaurants and several shops to accommodate travelers needs before or after flights. Whether making a quick flight from London to Florence or looking for a last-minute souvenir, taking care of the essentials at Florence International Airport is easy.

How to get to the airport (or how to move from the Florence Airport to city centre) is easy. This is because Florence International Airport is just about 20 minutes by road from the city centre. Those arriving on chap flights to Florence Italy may travel to their hotel from the airport by bus, shuttle, taxi or rental car. If you are parking at the airport, you have a choice of two car parks: one for short stay and one for long stay.