Galway Flights

Galway is one of Ireland’s most charming destinations thanks to its natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere.

Cheap Flights to Galway

Lying along the River Corrib, Galway is among Ireland’s most important port cities. Flourishing as a trading hub throughout its history, Galway continues to be an important place for the exchange of culture and ideas. It is the sixth-largest city in the country and serves as the European Capital of Culture for 2020. Much of the city’s charm comes from its medieval history and traditional feel, though there are plenty of modern attractions and amenities to be enjoyed, too. Travellers may easily find cheap flights to Galway at any time of year. With Tripoki, tourists can book affordable plane tickets to Galway no matter their travel needs, including specific airlines, airports or date of travel. This makes it easy to find the best and fastest cheap flights to Galway in a matter of minutes.

Galway Weather

Galway weather is mild and relatively consistent throughout the year. There isn’t a large variation in Galway weather from season to season. Galway’s climate is hottest during July with an average high of 21 °C. The coldest time of year in Galway is January with a low of 3 °C. The city isn’t known for extreme weather, though windstorms may occur between fall and spring. Precipitation is spread evenly throughout the year. The best time to book flights to Galway is during the summer, when you can enjoy the warmest weather. The cheapest time to fly to Galway is during the winter. While it’s easy to find the cheapest ticket to Galway at this time, it’s not necessarily the most enjoyable time to visit.

Galway Airports

Galway Airport

Galway International Airport is the closest Galway airport to the city. Unfortunately, Galway International Airport has experienced a series of closings to commercial traffic over the past decade, making it an unreliable destination for flights to Galway. A popular alternative to Galway Airport is Shannon Airport. The main airport servicing flights to and from West Ireland, Shannon Airport is the best choice of destination for those with plane tickets to Galway. The Galway airport alternative offers all the standard amenities you’d expect, including: currency exchange, a lounge, free wifi, religious services, luggage services and more. Passengers with the cheapest ticket to Galway may even enjoy shopping, bars and restaurants available at this choice of Galway international airport.

Shannon Airport is located about an hour and a half from Galway by road. Passengers on flights to Galway may reach the city from the airport by public bus, coach bus, taxi or car rental. Parking may be booked online, which is the best way to enjoy cheaper rates. Parking rates vary by the amount of time parked.