Genoa Flights

Among some of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Genoa is one of the region’s top tourist destinations.

Cheap Flights to Genoa

Genoa is one of Northwest Italy’s most important economic centres. Found along the coast, it’s among Italy’s most popular travel destinations and is well-regarded for its natural beauty and sweeping vistas. With important contributions to the visual arts, opera, literature and theatre, Genoa has everything that you would expect from a top Italian city—minus the heavy cost of visiting. If you’re interested in booking flights to Genoa Italy, give Tripoki a try. With Tripoki, travellers can find the fastest Genoa flights or cheapest flights to Genoa with ease. You need only input your travel preferences to find the best flight for your travel needs, whether that be flights to Genoa from UK or flights to Genoa from London.

Genoa Weather

Genoa weather belongs to a Mediterranean climate. This leads to cold (but relatively mild) winter months and comfortably hot summer months, an ideal climate for going on holiday. Much of this is thanks to the city’s proximity to the sea, which moderates temperature extremes. If Genoa’s climate is known for anything, it’s that the city is very windy due to its placement within the Po Valley. Rainfall is moderate throughout the year, except for July, during which rainfall is rare. Genoa’s two hottest months are July and August with an average temperature of 24°C. January and February are coolest at 9°C. Genoa is enjoyable at any time of year but is best enjoyed during the spring if you want to avoid peak tourist season. This is when flowers are in full bloom, making the city especially beautiful.

Genoa Airports

Genoa Airport

Genoa Italy Airport is one of the main Genoa airports. It’s the primary airport servicing international flights to Genoa Italy, including flights to Genoa from UK or cheap flights to Genoa from London. Passengers on Genoa flights may enjoy a variety of great services and amenities: advance car park viewing, an airport lounge, fast track check-in, hospitality services, a meeting space and more. Genoa Italy Airport also provides a handful of shops offering everything from fashion to confections, as well as restaurants that cater to all tastes. Travel from Genoa Italy Airport to the city centre is easy via a handful of different travel options. These include bus, train and taxi. Because Genoa Italy Airport is only about 30 minutes away from the city centre by road, the closest of Genoa airports, passengers can quickly reach their hotels from their cheap flights to Genoa Italy. The airport offers two car parks, which can be booked in advance. If not booking in advance, you can pay from automatic pay points at the car park you choose, making it a convenient choice of Genoa airports.