Glasgow Flights

A Celtic settlement that ballooned into an economic powerhouse in the Industrial Revolution, Glasgow is a city that mixes old and new.

Cheap Flights to Glasgow

Glasgow is located on the banks of the River Clyde in west central Scotland. It is one of the most populous cities in the United Kingdom as a whole. Glasgow was once a small rural settlement, with Roman and Celtic roots, but it has greatly benefited from the Industrial Revolution. The population and economy skyrocketed the city into becoming a major hub for chemicals, textiles, and engineering - primarily shipbuilding and marine engineering. Glasgow once had a medieval identity, but, due to steady and progressive growth, features primarily Victorian era architecture and landmarks. Any time of the year is a great time to find flights to Glasgow Scotland. Finding cheap flights to Glasgow Scotland is especially simple to do from other locations in the United Kingdom and continental Europe. The city is not a huge tourist destination, so it is rarely crowded.

Glasgow Weather

Even though the river town is quite northern, its climate is considered oceanic. Since it is a western United Kingdom town and close to the Atlantic Ocean, it has yearly mild weather. Winters are cool and sometimes freezing. Snowfall is infrequent and short-lived. In the spring, the mass greenery begins to bloom and fill with colour. The summers are relatively cool and wet with occasional warmer days. Falls are also mild with increasing amounts of rain. Temperatures range from 5 ºC in January to 20 ºC in July on average. The best time to find cheap flights to Glasgow Scotland is between March and August. During this period, temperatures reach their warmest and daylight is longest.

Glasgow Airports

Glasgow has three international airports all within 45 minutes from the city centre. Two, Glasgow Airport and Glasgow Prestwick Airport, are dedicated to Glasgow proper, while the third, the Edinburgh Airport, primarily serves Edinburgh. Glasgow Airport, also known as Glasgow International Airport, is 16 kilometers from the city centre. This Glasgow Scotland airport serves near to 10 million passengers a year. The Edinburgh Airport, compared to the other Glasgow Scotland airports, is the busiest flight facility in Scotland. Therefore, Glasgow International Airport should be the top Glasgow airport preference for travellers. This Glasgow airport has a number of shopping and dining options, an airport beauty lounge, and a general lounge. In regards to airport transportation Glasgow, travellers can rent a car, take a local bus, catch a train, hail a taxi, take a Glasgow airport shuttle to a hotel, or simply walk on the local footpath network. Glasgow airport shuttles are often the best option for airport transportation Glasgow, as this service is usually free.