Hamburg Flights

Among the top destinations in Germany, Hamburg offers much in terms of culture, attractions and architectural beauty.

Cheap Flights to Hamburg

Hamburg Germany can be found in a natural sheltered harbour on the southern region of the Jutland Peninsula. Continental Europe lies to the south and Scandinavia to the north. The port town is also partially water-locked with the North Sea to the west and the Baltic Sea to the northeast. Hamburg is on the River Elbe at its confluence with the Alster and Bille. The city centre itself is around the Binnenalster and Aubenalster, both formed by the damming of the River Alster to create lakes. Visitors to Hamburg will find themselves immersed in the freedom-focused culture. Hamburg, after all, was an independent city before becoming part of Germany. Even now, it is considered as a separate federal state. Thus, the city is home to very diverse and expressive religion, fashion, music, and political choices. Intercontinental Hamburg flights are rarely considered cheap flights Hamburg. Some of the best prices rather are actually found with flights to Hamburg from UK. Flights to Hamburg from UK can be found for as low as €70 departing from London.

Hamburg Weather

The weather is suitably mild compared other northern European cities, with snowfall occurring only a few days a year. Temperatures range from 22 ºC in the summer months to 1 ºC in the depths of winter. May and October are the warmest months, therefore making it a popular time to find Hamburg flights. In late October and throughout November, travellers will find the best cheap flights to Hamburg Germany. This brisk season scares away much of the crowds. Some may think that the harsher winter weather would make for an even more opportune time to find cheap flights to Hamburg Germany, but the city still hosts lots of convention-goers and business trips during this season.

Hamburg Airports

Hamburg Airport

Hamburg Airport is the primary facility serving flights to Hamburg Germany. The Hamburg International Airport is also the oldest airport in Germany still in operation. Even so, it regularly hosts around 17 million passengers a year though its two main terminals. The Hamburg International Airport is 8.5 kilometres north of the city centre in the Fuhlsbuettel quarter. Hamburg Airport features flights to more than 130 destinations with long haul routes reaching Dubai, Newark, Tabriz, and Tehran. Intercontinental flights are quite more expensive due to the necessary layovers. Hamburg Airport arrivals gather in the Airport Plaza. Hamburg Airport arrivals usher passengers into a number of food and shopping options as well as numerous transportation options into the city centre. Passengers can travel in town by car or motorcycle rental, bus, rail, taxi, or care hire. If departing from the Hamburg international airport, travellers have over 12,000 parking spaces to choose from. Other amenities in the airport include free wifi for 24 hours, a variety of lounges, and specialty VIP programs.