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The oldest tourist center of Tunisia, Hammamet is known for remarkable gardens spread throughout the city. Striking cypress, citrus and olive trees dotting the city have garnered this paradise a reputation for being a “garden resort.” In addition to the luxurious gardens, the city is surrounded by beautiful white beaches and stunning bronze statues portraying its history. The city is also well-known for its jasmine, giving it the name “Yasmine Hammamet.”

Where is Hammamet? Found on the eastern coast of Tunisia, Hammamet is an exotic yet incredibly affordable destination. It’s easily accessible from Europe, Russia and other parts of northern Africa via cheap flights to Hammamet, Tunisia terminating at the city’s two major airports. The city is about 98 km north of Sousse, just over an hour’s drive by car. No matter what time of year you wish to travel, Hammamet flights within any budget or schedule are easy to find with tripoki. With tripoki, you may find cheap flights to Hammamet, Tunisia no matter your travel dates, preferred airline, destination airport and more.

Hammamet Weather

Like other cities in the region, Hammamet weather borders a hot-summer Mediterranean climate and hot semi-arid one. Hammamet, Tunisia weather is very hot in the summer but mild during the winter. As another boon from this climate, Tunisia Hammamet weather is quite dry with most precipitation during colder months. August is the hottest month for Yasmine Hammamet weather, reaching 27°C on average. Expect averages around 13°C from December through February and most rain during December. The best time to visit Hammamet is in the shoulder seasons. Summer is peak tourist season, which means inflated prices, lots of crowds and sometimes unbearably hot Tunisia Hammamet weather. Spring and fall are ideal for comfortably warm Yasmine Hammamet weather. While you wouldn’t want to lay on the beach during the winter, its temperate climate can still be quite enjoyable.

Hammamet Airports

Enfidha Hammamet International Airport

Enfidha Hammamet International Airport is the nearest airport to Hammamet, making it the ideal choice for flights to Hammamet. The distance from Enfidha Airport to Yasmine Hammamet is just 40km. Enfidha Hammamet International Airport provides a wide selection of amenities and services to passengers. From information desks at every departure and arrival hall to bank offices and currency exchange, passengers can receive the services they expect for smooth travel at Hammamet airport. With a porter service to easily handle luggage, passengers can make their Hammamet flights quickly and easily.

Travel between Enfidha Airport to Yasmine Hammamet is easy with a variety of transportation options. Mass transit includes railway or buses, taking passengers from Enfidha Airport to Yasmine Hammamet on regularly scheduled intervals. If you prefer to travel from the airport in Tunisia to Hammamet alone, you may rent a car to Hammamet or take a taxi instead. If driving to Hammamet Airport from the city, you’ll need to pay for parking. Parking costs will depend on your vehicle (car, bus, etc.) and the amount of time you will be parked. Parking costs are cal

Tunis–Carthage International Airport

Tunis–Carthage International Airport, also known as Tunis Airport or Carthage International Airport, is the second nearest airport to Hammamet and serves Hammamet flights. The distance from Tunis airport to Hammamet is about 61km. Tunis airport offers an assortment of facilities and services including shopping, cafes and restaurants, banking services, accessible facilities for the disabled and even a post office. With business services like fax, phone and computer access, Tunis–Carthage International Airport allows passengers to travel unencumbered.

Transfers from Tunis Airport to Hammamet is easy. Getting from Tunis Carthage Airport to Hammamet is just about an hour’s drive from the city, taking a taxi or choosing to rent a car to Hammamet are ideal transportation choices. Another simple way to make a Tunis Airport to Hammamet transfer is via the bus line, which departs about every 30 minutes. While there is no direct train connection, one can travel from the airport in Tunisia to Hammamet via train by first taking a taxi to the nearby central train station. If you choose to drive from Tunis airport to Hammamet or vice-versa, note that short- and long-term parking are both available from both Carthage International Airport terminals.