Hong Kong Flights

Hong Kong is an exotic city that fuses eastern and western ideals within a rich cultural atmosphere.

Cheap Flights to Hong Kong

Hong Kong lies on the southern coast of China at the mouth of the Pearl River estuary. It is almost surrounded, except for the north, by the South China Sea. The metropolitan area is concentrated on Kowloon Peninsula and Hong Kong Island. Most of the population is Han Chinese with about half of the population having some form of British nationality. The city has a legacy of British colonial rule, making the independently federal Hong Kong a unique cultural entity from the rest of China. Its British heritage also makes it a popular vacation spot for Brits with cheap flights to Hong Kong from UK. In fact, there are especially cheap flights to Hong Kong from London, with nonstop Hong Kong flights starting as low as €430. The Chinese city is often characterized as a hybrid of eastern and western influences. Locals value family and economic liberty - a blend of traditional Chinese priorities and western progressiveness. The city is a beauty to behold, and tourists are more than welcome.

Hong Kong Weather

Hong Kong has a humid subtropical climate. Summers are hot and humid with the occasional thunderstorm and even typhoon. Winters are mild and often sunny. The best time to find Hong Kong flights is from October to early December. Weather is the most pleasant, sunny, and cool during this season. This is especially recommended for European visitors with flights to Hong Kong from UK. Spring may pose as a tempting time to visit, but this season in southern China is often grey and cloudy. It is worth noting that hotel rates are quite reasonable the fall as well. Flights to Hong Kong from North America are a bit more expensive than flights to Hong Kong from London, with most involving international layovers.

Hong Kong Airports

Hong International Airport

The primary Hong Kong airport is the Hong International Airport. Over 100 airlines operate in the massive travel hub, and, interestingly it handles the most air cargo traffic in the world. The Hong Kong airport is built on reclaimed land on the island of Chek Lap Kok 34 kilometres away from the city centre. It has 90 boarding gates, 78 jet bridge gates, and 12 virtual gates. The Hong Kong airport serves around 68 million passengers on Hong Kong flights through its two main terminals. Amenities include lounges, wifi, showers, rest zones, and mobile charging stations. There is even an IMAX theatre featuring 2D and 3D movies right in the airport. Transportation options into the city centre include a variety of buses, a ferry, high-speed rail link, or taxis. There are about 3,000 parking space available for departing passengers. Spots can be paid for hourly, daily, or long-term lengths. There are also special needs parking accommodations and electric vehicle charging.