Hurghada Flights

Hurghada is one of the Red Sea’s top tourist destinations thanks to its beautiful diving spots.

Cheap Flights to Hurghada

Hurghada has humble beginnings. Once a small fishing village, the town has become one of the top tourist destinations along the Red Sea thanks to its many supreme diving spots. In addition to diving, the town is known for its gorgeous beaches and water sport facilities, making Hurghada a fun, enjoyable and affordable destination for families. Hurghada has a population of 248,000 and is found along the Red Sea coast. The city hugs the coast, stretching 36km along it but not extending far into the surrounding desert. Hurghada is an affordable travel destination all around, including cheap flights to Hurghada Egypt. With Tripoki, you can find even last minute flights Hurghada that fit your budgets and travel preferences with ease.

Hurghada Weather

Hurghada weather belongs to a subtropical-desert climate. This provides summers that are a little less hot than other Egyptian cities but is still significantly hot. Winters don’t really exist; temperatures aren’t likely to dip below 11 °C, though winter months are mild compared to the long summer. Rain is rare, with some years experiencing virtually no precipitation at all. July and August tie for the hottest months of the year for Hurghada weather with an average high of 36 °C. January is the coldest with an average low of 11 °C. Many tourists visit book flights to Hurghada Egypt during Christmas or New Year holidays since the weather is mild during this time. But to beat the influx of tourists, you may want to book flights to Hurghada Egypt and holidays for early spring when the weather is at its finest and most comfortable.

Hurghada Airports

Hurghada Airport

Which airport for Hurghada Egypt is best? Most will take direct Hurghada flights to Hurghada Egypt Airport. Hurghada Airport is the primary airport for charter flights to Hurghada and Hurghada flights in general. Hurghada Airport offers many amenities and services to accommodate travellers’ needs. Services and facilities at Hurghada Egypt Airport include currency exchange and banking, a post office and internet access, services for disabled people, business services, VIP lounge and more. Hurghada Airport shops offer a variety of things to buy, from souvenirs to news accessories. Hurghada Airport shops are also duty free for passenger convenience. Transfer from Hurghada Airport to the city is easy with several transportation options. Passengers may reach the city or airport via taxi from Hurghada Airport or public bus. Hurghada car rental is available, and the city is just a 15-minute drive from the airport. Hurghada Airport parking is available just outside the terminal for both short-term and long-term parking.