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There are few places in the world with a wilder nightlife than Ibiza. Experience everything this party city has to offer!

Cheap Flights to Ibiza

Where is Ibiza? Located in the Mediterranean Sea off Spain’s eastern coast, Ibiza is the third-largest of the Balearic Islands. It is about 150km east of Valencia. Ibiza is a mountainous and rocky island, whose tallest peak is Sa Talaiassa at 475 meters tall. It is one of the “Pine Islands” due to the many pine trees that cover the island. While Ibiza is most known for its nightlife, the island is blessed with many beautiful beaches, both commercial and secluded. If you want to visit Ibiza, you can find cheap flights to Ibiza Spain easily with Tripoki. Tripoki makes finding cheap tickets to Ibiza according to cost or travel time easy. When searching for cheap flights to Ibiza, travellers may sort Ibiza flight tickets according to airline, airport and other search modifications.

Ibiza Weather

Ibiza weather is classified as belonging to a hot-summer Mediterranean climate. Ibiza weather is warm year-round, with a hot season (June through September) and a more temperate season (November through April). The months between these seasons vary in intensity of heat. Precipitation is most common in the cooler season, though the island receives only about 413mm of rainfall per year. Rain is very rare during the summer. The hottest months for Ibiza weather are July and August, which each have an average temperature of 26°C. January and February are the coolest months at 12°C. The best time to book cheap flights to Ibiza Spain is during the height of tourist season in the summer. This is, of course, if you’re visiting to party; the city is more fun with more people. If all you care about is basking on the beach, the best time for Ibiza flight tickets is on the shoulder seasons before or after the influx of tourists. This provides excellent Ibiza weather without dealing with crowds. The low season may also provide more options for cheap flights Ibiza.

Ibiza Airports

Ibiza Airport

Ibiza Airport is the main airport in Ibiza servicing Ibiza flights. Ibiza Airport provides many services and facilities to passengers of Ibiza flights, which include luggage services, financial/banking services, accessibility for passengers with limited mobility, an information desk, internet access, security, medical centre, post office and more. Airport Ibiza goes a step further by providing a VIP lounge and VIP services for passengers on flights from Ibiza who are willing to pay the additional cost. There are also a variety of shops and dining options to be enjoyed by passengers of cheap flights Ibiza. Passengers of flights to Ibiza Spain or flights from Ibiza may check Ibiza Airport departures and Ibiza Airport arrivals on the Airport Ibiza website. Ibiza Airport transfers to Ibiza Town is made incredibly easy with many transportation options available. Ibiza Airport transfers include car hire, taxi and a handful of public bus routes. Those driving themselves to Airport Ibiza may park at the airport’s only car park, which is just a one-minute walk from the terminal, making it a convenient choice of airport in Ibiza for travel with cheap tickets to Ibiza.