Jerusalem Flights

A beautiful desert city with a long and storied history, Jerusalem is a destination that has attracted those on spiritual and holiday journeys alike.

Cheap Flights to Jerusalem

Jerusalem is planted on the southern edge of a plateau in the Judaean Mountains, which includes the Mount of Olives and Mount Scopus. The Old City sits at an elevation of 760 meters and is surrounded by valleys and dry riverbeds. The city used to be surrounded by forests of almond, olive, and pine trees. Nowadays, the city is almost desert-like, with ancient aqueducts, tunnels, pools, and cisterns providing water for residents. Jerusalem is 60 kilometres east of Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean Sea, with the Dead Sea 35 kilometres to the west. Due to the rich history, the walled city is home to many spiritual peoples: Jewish, Muslim, and Christian. It has always been a significant religious mecca with its stark Israeli and Palestinian landmarks. Thus, tourism has long been a thriving industry, with flights to Jerusalem regularly taking place. The city is also home to many artistic and cultural venues, including performance centres and Arab festivals. The best cheap flights to Jerusalem are often flights to Jerusalem from UK. For example, flights to Jerusalem from London start as low as €250 for a one-way ticket. Many daily flights to Jerusalem from London occur every day, making it easy for flexible travel. Compared to flights to Jerusalem from UK, Jerusalem flights from further continents can get a bit pricey

Jerusalem Weather

Jerusalem is a hot-summer Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and mild, wet winters. Flurries of snow occur usually only once or a twice a year in the winter, but it experiences heavy snowfall every three to four years. January has an average temperature of 9 ºC and July averages around 24 ºC. The best times to find Jerusalem flights are between April and May and between October and November. The weather is most mild, and the crowds are thin during these time frames. High tourist seasons are more than packed, so these best times to travel are great for finding cheap flights to Jerusalem. Before getting Jerusalem flights, make sure to check the calendar. No matter the weather, major Jewish celebrations and holy seasons are sure to pack out the city.

Jerusalem Airports

Ben Gurion Airport

The main Jerusalem airport is the Ben Gurion Airport. It is roughly 50 kilometres northwest of the city centre on the route to Tel Aviv. The international Jerusalem airport is the busiest airport in all of modern Israel and handles roughly 20 million passengers annually. Due to its high security, the Ben Guiron is considered one of the top five airports in the middle east. There are two official terminals serving guests. Jerusalem airport amenities include VIP clubs and lounges, a variety of shops and cafes, a synagogue, and public internet. Transportation to and from the city centre can found per taxi, train, hotel shuttle, or local bus line. Car rentals are also available. The Jerusalem airport also has a wide range of parking options for those departing. There is short term parking (under 24 hours), long term parking, terminal-specific parking, parking for two-wheeled vehicles, and disabled parking.