Key West Flights

With gorgeous beaches, golden sands and plenty of attractions, Key West is one of the United States’ most beautiful and luxurious island destinations.

Cheap Flights to Key West

Key West Florida is the southern-most United States city and is found on an island with a total land area of 11 square kilometres. It lies among the Florida Straits, which sit close to Cuba in the Caribbean Sea. The port town is additionally surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Gulf of Mexico to the West. The two bodies of water have different current, providing different beach experiences depending which side coast of the island travellers visit. For a brief moment in the city’s history, it declared its independence from the United States, branding itself the Conch Republic. Today, the city is an important location to the American government. It is home to both the top Naval Air training base and the Harry Truman Little White House. It has also been a notable home to authors and celebrities looking for an oceanside escape.

Key West Weather

Key West has a tropical savanna climate with temperatures remaining mostly consistent all year long. It is never a bad time to book flights to Key West Florida, which arrive at another nearby island in the Straits. The coolest month is January and the warmest month is July, but the temperatures usually hover around 8 ºC. The best time to book flights to Key West Florida is between March and May. Winter crowds taper off and hotel rates are more reasonable. It is therefore a great season to also find the best cheap flights to Key West. Hurricane season is between June and November. In June, visitors can find cheap flights to Key West Florida with hurricane risk at its lowest. Make sure to check weather conditions before traveling.

Key West Airports

Key West International Airport

The Key West International Airport is the primary Key West Florida airport. It is on another island from Key West, but it is only about three kilometres away. The Key West airport has a lower annual passenger rate, serving around 300,000 a year, partially due to its short 1,463-meter runway. It is actually the shortest runway in all of North America. The Key West Florida airport has two terminals for all of its flights. Key West airport services include ATM and postal services, free wifi throughout the terminal building, a private nursing area, and baby changing tables. Even though the Key West Florida airport is international and is close to many other Caribbean nations, it is important to note that there are no currency exchange services. Key West International Airport offers rentals cars, shuttles, taxis, and bus services to take visitors to and from the Key West city centre. There are long term and short-term parking options at the airport. It has a quite affordable weekly parking rate, but spots are limited due to the passenger capacity.