Krakow Flights

One of the oldest and biggest cities in Poland, Krakow is well-known for its rich artistic lineage and deep history.

Cheap Flights to Krakow

Krakow lies in southern Poland on the Vistula River and at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. The Tatra Mountains are about 100 kilometers to the south, forming a natural border with Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The city is a showcase for many generations of architecture. The metropolitan area is a cultural nucleus in Europe, and the surrounding nature areas and reserves are vibrant and significant to the region ecosystem. The art and landmark buildings bring tourists on flights to Krakow Poland in masses. The Polish city was once a prime destination for Renaissance-era artists over the course of two centuries. Visitors hoping to visit the city may easily discover cheap flights to Krakow Poland at any time of year with Tripoki.

Krakow Weather

Krakow has a humid continental climate with distinguishable seasons. Temperatures range from 19 ºC in the summer to -2 ºC in the winter. This makes, weather-wise, the summer one of the best times to find flights to Krakow Poland. Summers are also the busiest times though, making it a challenge to find cheap flights to Krakow. Cheap flights to Krakow Poland can be enjoyed in late spring, before tourism is at its peak, and when days are getting longer. Fall is just as wonderful a time to visit the city. Temperatures start to get a bit colder, making sweaters or coats necessary, but fall offers a drier season. Winter is the least popular time to find flights to Krakow, but the Krakow Christmas Market and the Shanties Festival are just a couple of the winter events worth seeing. The Shanties Festival has been running for 36 years in Krakow as a celebration of Polish maritime music.

Krakow Airports

Krakow John Paul II International Airport

The main Krakow airport is the John Paul II International Airport Krakow-Balice. The Krakow Poland airport is located 11 kilometers west of the city center, whereas the next-closest airport, the Katowice International Airport, is 80 kilometers away. The Krakow airport has a single terminal serving both domestic and international flights with a capacity for up to 8 million passengers a year. The beautifully designed facility offers free internet for a period of 15 minutes, a full printing station, a 24-hour observation deck, a chapel and prayer rooms, business lounges, a VIP terminal with VIP services, and a wide variety of shops. To get to the city center from the Krakow Poland airport, travelers can take an airport taxi, ride a hotel shuttle, or rent a car. There are both short term and long-term parking options, both located near to the airport’s terminal. There is limited parking, but it is very affordable starting at €12 a day.