Kyoto Flights

Formerly the Imperial City of Japan, Kyoto offers and abundance of beauty, culture and nightlife.

Cheap Flights to Kyoto

Kyoto City is located in the Yamashiro Basin in the mountainous region of the Tamba Highlands. The basin is surrounded on three sides by the Higashiyama, Kitayama, and Nishiyama mountains. There are three rivers flowing through the valley: the Ujigawa to the south, the Katsuragawa to the west, and the Kamogawa to the east. The original city, even before its time as the Japanese Imperial capital, was designed in accordance with the traditional Chinese feng sui. The city nowadays is a cultural hub of technology and electronics blending modern culture with tradition. Temples and shrines are spread throughout the city amidst its business, residential, and nature areas. Travellers may easily find cheap Kyoto flights via Tripoki when planning their journeys.

Kyoto Weather

Kyoto has a humid subtropical climate with varying seasonal temperatures and precipitation. Every season offers a unique beauty for those with flights to Kyoto Japan. Summers are hot and humid, while winters are relatively cold with occasional snowfall. The rainy season is primarily in the beginning of the summer, while typhoons are prone to occurring between September and October. Despite the potential for severe weather, the best times to find flights to Kyoto Japan is between October and November. Cheap flights to Kyoto can also be found during the spring seasons. Both fall and spring cheap flights to Kyoto Japan provide for the most attractive seasonal greenery during a visit. January is the least crowded season, yet many businesses close for the New Year’s holiday, shogatsu. Festivals are another good reason to find flights to Kyoto Japan, and they occur all year.

Kyoto Airports

Kyoto itself does not have a large commercial airport. Instead, the best Kyoto Japan airport would be considered either the Kansai International Airport or the Osaka International Airport. The Osaka International Airport is the top choice as the Kyoto airport for domestic travellers despite its larger passenger capacity and facility size. The Kansai International Airport serves the region’s international travellers. It is important to note the Kyoto Japan airport is about 100 kilometers away from the city proper. The Kyoto airport, Kansai International, has two main terminals and serves nearly 25 million passengers a year. Facilities include currency exchange centres, doctor’s and dental clinics, internet terminals and wifi router rentals, battery chargers, lounges, VIP rooms, and showers. To get to and from the Kyoto Japan airport, there are two railway services and car rentals. All in all, there are six different parking areas: two vertical parking lots, one simple parking lot, two flat parking lots, and one observation hall open parking area.