London Flights

Getting to England’s biggest city is easy with cheap flights to London.

Cheapest Flights to London

Rich in history, diversity and culture, London is the perfect destination for discriminant travelers at any season. In addition to the beautiful royal residences, iconic attractions and famously disciplined Queen’s Guard, London is home to pub culture, comfort-food cuisine and lovely green space. Whether you want to follow Shakespeare’s footsteps (literally!) or catch a tour down the River Thames, there’s something for everyone in London. With cheap flights to London available year-round, it’s a great, affordable place to go on holiday—in fact, cheap London flights during the winter make it an amazing place to enjoy Christmas time..

Where is London?

Greater London makes up one of England’s nine major regions, and is the largest urban area in the United Kingdom, serving as its capital. The city is located along the River Thames, which bisects it into northern and southern halves. The river, stretching 15 miles through the city, was essential to London’s development and continues to be used for transporting resources like coal and timber. An abundance of parks and green spaces dot the city’s geography, providing places to relax and enjoy nature surrounded by the nation’s leading metropolis. Sitting in the southeastern tip of England, London is 356km southeast of Liverpool and 76km north of Brighton. You can venture to many surrounding cities and villages with London flight tickets. While London is a generally flat city, its minor hills are said to have marked the city’s settlement in ages old.

London population is diverse, with 9.7 million residents in the Greater London Area. Over 36% of London population is foreign-born, earning the city second-place among those with the highest immigrant populations (after New York City). With more than 5,000 people per square kilometer, London population density is higher than any other British region. 

London Weather

If London is known for anything (besides phone booths and double-decker buses), it’s rainy London weather—and lots of it! In addition to relatively frequent rain, the island often experiences misty fogs and overcast skies. London weather is rather mild year-round; the summer months have an average high of about 23°C, while winter months have an average low of 2°C. In general, the city is typically warmer than neighboring areas (sometimes of a difference of 5°C) because its buildings store and trap in heat.
Early summer is the brightest time of year to find London flight tickets, thanks to frequently sunny London weather. This allows visitors to enjoy parks and beer gardens to their fullest, as well as fun summer music festivals. Autumn, meanwhile, features a resplendent, fiery color palette and comfortable London weather. It’s also a celebratory time in the city; visitors late in the season enjoy viewing lights, decorations and events that transform London into a winter wonderland from November on. This makes winter a great time for catching London flights.

Finding Cheap London Flights with tripoki

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London Airports

London Gatwick Airport

Located just south of Central London, London Gatwick is an ideal destination for London flights. With an extensive array of bars, restaurants, cafes and shops, you can get your stay off to the right start the moment you touch down on the city. London Gatwick Airport offers many dining spots designed by world-renowned chef Jamie Oliver, for example, and global and national retail brands like Hugo Boss, Harrods, Lacoste and more. As the world’s first “Family Friendly accredited airport,” London Gatwick offers services and accommodations to ensure children and those with special needs are checked in smoothly and without any difficulties. With great accessibility, families should enjoy booking tickets to London for this airport.

Getting to and from London from Gatwick Airport is easy: the city centre is just 30 minutes away by train. Those who would rather travel privately can hire or rent a car—or even ride a bicycle on the national cycle route that runs straight through the airport. No matter how you like to travel, London Gatwick is an obvious choice for London flights.

London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport is just 24km west of the city, making it another popular destination airport for London flights. With a variety of shopping services for those short on time, you can ensure you’ll have everything you need—from travel supplies to goods from some of the world’s leading brands and designers—to enjoy your stay. London Heathrow Airport spreads the shopping experience across its terminals, featuring well-known retailers such as Apple, Rolex, Harrods, Louis Vuitton and more. Don’t worry about transporting these goods; simply pick them up at your point of return. When the shopping is done, enjoy a taste of the city’s diverse culture by dining at one of London Heathrow’s many restaurants, bars and cafés spread throughout the airport.

London Heathrow makes transportation easy by offering many ways to get to and from the city. Visitors to the London airport can take train, bus, private chauffeur, rental care and more. For those on a budget, the city is easily reachable from London Heathrow via London Underground, the most cost-effective option for transport between airport and city..

London Stansted

London Stansted Airport is a little further than other London airports, but remains a convenient option for travelers and London flights. At London Stansted, you can check in and get everything you need quickly and without hassle. The London airport’s FastTrack program lets you speed through security and passport control, which you can book up to an hour before your flight home.

Even shopping is streamlined compared to other London airports; customers can make their last-minute purchases online, then collect conveniently right before their London flights. If you’re traveling with children, don’t worry about picky eaters; Stansted Airport has family-friendly restaurants featured including Giraffe, Café Balzar and Wetherspoon. Finally, London Stansted is home to eight hotels just minutes away from the airport, offering the utmost convenience when choosing this destination with your tickets to London.

While it may be a bit further than other London airports, London Stansted offers many transportation options between it and the city. From coach to the airport’s own private express trains, as well as taxi and car rental services, you can travel in style no matter your budget or preference. With easy transportation and conveniently close hotels, it’s a great destination choice for London flights.