Luxor Flights

Book cheap flights to Luxor and experience one of Egypt’s most treasured cities through the ages.

Cheap Flights to Luxor

Luxor is one of Egypt’s top tourist destinations thanks to its several significant historical sites. In fact, the name Luxor, which translates to “palace,” evokes the many temples, tombs and more that visitors will find when they visit. Thanks to the abundance of historic attractions in the city’s vicinity, Luxor is commonly thought of as a living museum. Luxor is found in south Egypt and is bisected by the Nile River; to the east is the main town, and to the west is a vast necropolis that’s home to several monuments, the Valley of Kings and the Valley of Queens. Cheap flights to Luxor Egypt are aplenty, making trips to Luxor possible for travelers on any budget. With Tripoki, travelers can find direct flights to Luxor and cheap flight tickets to Luxor that suit their travel needs with ease.

Luxor Weather

Luxor weather belongs to a hot desert climate. As you can imagine, this makes Luxor weather hot year-round. There are two seasons: a long, sweltering summer followed by a short and mild winter. Luxor is among the hottest cities in all of Egypt and is one of the driest in the world. There is virtually no rain; some years go without any rainfall at all. July and August are the hottest months with average high temperatures of 41 °C. January is the coldest month for Luxor weather with an average low of 5 °C. The best time to book trips to Luxor is during the winter months or early spring. During this time, you avoid the unbearably hot weather that’s common during the summer. You may also find cheap flights to Luxor Egypt more easily during these seasons.

Luxor Airports

Luxor Airport

Luxor International Airport is the closest airport to Luxor and is the closest to the Valley of Kings. Luxor Egypt Airport features two terminals that serve both domestic and international flights to Luxor Egypt. Luxor International Airport serves over seven million passengers each year and has recently renovated to meet the growing travel need. Luxor Airport offers several facilities and amenities to its guests and passengers. Some of these include banking services, luggage services, information desks, security and more. Passengers may also enjoy Luxor Airport duty free shopping. Dining options are also available for hungry travelers.

Getting from Luxor Egypt Airport to the city is easy. There are several options for Luxor Airport transfer, including the Luxor Airport shuttle, car rental or taxi. Long-term and short-term parking are both available opposite the terminal entrances. Those with special needs may park closer to the entrance. There are also Luxor Airport hotels in case travelers want to rest without having to travel further.