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Manchester is a sport mecca, home to two of England’s best football clubs. See everything Manchester offers!

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With a population of over 530,000 people, Manchester is the second-most populous urban area in the UK. It’s found within the Greater Manchester borough and is bordered by the Cheshire Plain to the south. The northern Pennine Hills contribute to the city’s natural beauty and are a popular spot for tourists and locals to go hiking and climbing on day trips. Manchester’s history dates to 79 AD, but today the city is known best for its star football teams: Manchester United and Manchester City. It’s also beloved for its musical legacy, having pumped out several iconic bands such as Oasis, The Smiths, The Chemical Brothers and many more. The city is easily accessible via Glasgow to Manchester train and Manchester Airport flights, including London to Manchester flights. If you’d like to visit the city on holiday, you can easily find cheap flights to Manchester with Tripoki.

Manchester Weather

Weather in Manchester is characteristic of a temperate Oceanic climate, much like the rest of the British Isles. This means weather in Manchester is typically mild year-round; summer doesn’t get too hot and winters are cold but not too frigid. But while temperatures are usually enjoyable, weather in Manchester isn’t always sunny; rainy days are common and evenly spread throughout the year. Snow falls in the winter and is heaviest in January. July and August are the hottest month in Manchester with average highs of 20 °C. The months of December through February each experience average lows of about 2 °C, making this the coldest period of the year. Summer is the best time to book Manchester Airport flights and trips to the city. This is when the city is hosting several events and experiences the most comfortable weather.

Manchester Airports

Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport, or MAN Airport, is the primary airport servicing Manchester Airport flights, including London to Manchester flights. Manchester Airport hosts several amenities and facilities to meet travellers’ needs between Manchester flights. These include financial services, fast security check-in, duty-free allowance and more. Each of the three MAN terminals offer a selection of shops and dining options. Manchester Airport Terminal 1 has many shops and a spa. At Manchester Airport Terminal 2, passengers may kick back and relax at the Escape Lounge. Manchester Airport Terminal 3, like the others, features several excellent places to dine. Passengers may check Manchester Airport arrivals/flight arrivals Manchester and Manchester Airport departures on the MAN website.

Manchester Airport transfers and travel from the airport to the city is made simple thanks to several transportation services. Options for Manchester Airport transfers include car rental, direct regional rail, public buses and coach service, car hire and taxi. Manchester Airport parking is available outside of each of the three terminals, including both short-term, long-term and meet & greet Manchester Airport parking.