Manila Flights

The capital of the Philippines, Manila is a posh yet affordable harbour destination with world-class attractions, a diverse culture and plenty things to do.

Cheap Flights to Manila

The City of Manila is located on the eastern shore of Manila Bay and on the western coast of Luzon. It sits on a protected harbour, which is considered one of the best in all of Asia. The Pasig River flows through the middle of the city, dividing it into north and south sections. The landscape is generally flat, but beautiful. The city is the capital of the Philippines and is the most densely populated city in the world. Flights to Manila Philippines takes travellers into an exciting and diverse Asian world. It has roots blended with Spanish, British, American, Chinese, and Japanese cultures. It has always been an Asian hub for colonial leaders, therefore making it a high-class and modern city as well. The architecture accurately reflects the area’s history, with an eclectic mix and blend of styles.

Manila Weather

Manila has a tropical savanna climate, lying entirely in the tropics with the rest of the Philippines. It is quite close to the equator, providing for hot year-round temperatures rarely dipping below 21 ºC. The country is an extremely affordable place to visit, and the beautiful weather makes it attractive to look for cheap flights to Manila Philippines. The most popular time to find cheap flights to Manila is in the fall and spring. The temperatures are still warm, but humidity will be at a lower degree of intensity. During these seasons, the area’s attractions are the most accessible as well. Be aware that typhoon season runs as early as August and as early as January. Weather centers can provide ample warning, but this time of year often presents unpredictable weather.

Manila Airports

The primary Manila Philippines airports are the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and the Clark International Airport. The Clark Manila airport is 80 kilometres northwest of the city. It is the smaller of the two airports with only about 20 domestic and international flights a day. The Ninoy Manila Philippines airport is the primary gateway for travellers into the Philippines. It is much closer to the city proper, lying about 7 kilometres away. The numerous terminals serve around 40 million annual passengers. Manila airport amenities include hotel lounges, a VIP lounge, a variety of local banks, a bar, and cafes. There are buses, shuttles, light rail trains, and taxis available to take passengers into town. Despite the city’s proximity to the Manila Philippines airport, the train is generally the fastest option due to potential traffic conditions. Car rentals are also available with most major car rental companies. There are about 500 parking spots for those departing from Terminal 1. Terminal 2 has over 1,000 spots. Terminal 3 has the largest multi-level parking facility.