Marseilles Flights

Marseilles is among the oldest yet most popular cities in France. Discover what makes this travel destination so beloved.

Cheap Flights to Marseilles

One of the most bustling French metropolises on the Mediterranean, Marseilles is a wonderfully diverse and multicultural city. There’s much to love with Marseilles: the city is synonymous with opulence and beautiful architecture, and its historic harbour offers several attractive spots to sip on a coffee, enjoy eclectic shopping or laze about and relax. What’s more, Marseilles boasts an impressive nightlife which includes raucous party spots as well as quieter, low-key venues for enjoying a drink or live music show. Serving as the oldest city in France, there is much to do and see. Marseilles has delighted travellers over centuries, and it’s easier to find cheap flights to Marseilles France now than ever. No matter your budget or point of origin, discovering the fastest or cheapest tickets to Marseilles France is simple.

Marseilles Weather

Because it’s a Mediterranean city, Marseilles features mostly warm and comfortable weather year-round. While summer months can occasionally become hot, winters are mild though humid. It’s worth noting Marseilles gets more sunshine than any other city in France, making it an ideal destination for summer holidays. As one might guess, this also make it the driest city in the country. Snowfall is very rare in Marseilles; half of its years recorded get no snowfall at all. The hottest month for Marseilles weather is July, which has an average high of 30 °C. January is the coldest month for Marseilles weather with an average low of 5 °C. The best time to visit and book tickets to Marseilles France is during the summer months, which sees the most activity and festivities. This also makes it very crowded with tourists. Those looking for a more relaxed stay should book cheap flights to Marseilles France for the fall, when the city is still comfortably warm but without the major influx of tourists.

Marseilles Airports

Marseilles International Airport

Marseilles Airport is the primary international airport servicing flights to Marseilles France. Marseilles International Airport has several amenities and services to accommodate those on flights to Marseilles. Some of the major services offered by Marseilles France Airport include currency exchange and banking, click and collect shopping, internet access (including gaming facilities), VIP lounges, photo machines, information desk services and much more. Marseilles International Airport is also home to nine shops to take care of your travel needs. With several dining options available, Marseilles France Airport is among the most comfortable travel hubs in the city. Getting from Marseilles Airport to city centre is relatively simple. There are many choices for how to get to the airport from the city and back, which include: train, coach bus services, public bus, car rental and taxi services. How far is the airport to the city centre? It’s about 27km, though the distance from Marseilles Airport to city centre is easily traversed.