Mexico City Flights

The biggest and most diverse city in Mexico, Mexico City is an exciting and affordable destination that travellers may enjoy at any time of year.

Cheap Flights to Mexico City

Mexico City rests in the Valley of Mexico in the centre of the country. The valley itself is part of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt made up of high mountainous plateaus. The region’s lack of natural drainage has resulted in Lake Texcoco’s formation. The lake, which sits under Mexico City, was drained in the 17th century due to repetitive flooding. It used to snow down in the valley 200 years ago, but now travellers will only occasionally see snow-capped mountain tops in the expansive perimeter. As one of the oldest cities in the region dating back to ancient times, Mexico City has a diverse population that adds to its unique charm and character. Cheap flights to Mexico City are readily available throughout the year with international round trip flights running for around €350.

Mexico City Weather

Average temperatures run from 12 °C to 16 °C depending on the borough. Boroughs at a higher elevation are typically cooler than parts of the city that are lower. During the summer, there is heavy precipitation with the occasional hailstorm. Because of the very wet summers, the best time to get flights to Mexico City is between December and February. This time of year is when the city expects its dry season. Winds are relatively weak in the region. This will also be the best time to find the cheapest flights to Mexico City since it is the coldest season. For those looking to go during warmer weather, flying between March and May is next best option, but the streets are quite crowded this time of year. This is also the cheapest time to fly to Mexico City.

Mexico City Airports

Mexico City International Airport

Mexico City is served by Latin America’s busiest airport, Mexico City International Airport. Its ability to serve so many visitors makes it the preferred airport in Mexico City. There are two terminals featuring over 50 jetways. Amenities include airport lounges, airport hotels, Wi-Fi, showers, 24-hour currency exchange, several pharmacies and several restaurants. The Mexico City International Airport is located in the neighbourhood of Penon de Los Banos in Venustiano Carranza, just five kilometres east from downtown. A monorail system and buses connect the two terminals at the airport in Mexico City, while there are a couple bus options to get into the city. The Mexico City Airport’s own buses will not only take you to the two terminals but will also stop at the key points of Mexico City and other major locations within Mexico. In addition to the bus, passengers may also take train or taxi. Visitors to the city’s largest hotels should check if their hotel offers a shuttle, as many offer them to the Mexico City Airport. Lastly, there are also car rental options which are the most expensive means of getting to and from the airport. The airport offers thousands of parking spaces which may be booked in advance.