Milan Flights

As the fashion capital of the world, Milan has much to offer in terms of cultural attractions, nightlife and art.

Cheap Flights to Milan

One of the leading cities in the world, there’s a lot to like about Milan: it’s among the most visionary cities (regarded as the “fashion capital of the world”) and is an important economic centre, hosting Italy’s Stock Exchange and boasting the third-largest economy in the European Union. Thanks to cultural attractions like first-rate shopping and several museums displaying art by famous classical and Renaissance artists, Milan remains one of the most-visited destinations in the world. Geographically, Milan is located between the Po River and the Alps, a region known as the Po Valley. Finding cheap flights to Milan is simple using Tripoki. Tripoki helps you find the cheapest ticket to Italy in record time. Simply input your origin and destination, then sift through available flights to Milan with custom terms such as preferred airline, travel date, budget and more. From there, you’ll have a choice of plane tickets to Italy that suit your needs and budget.

Milan Weather

Milan weather is exemplary of a humid subtropical climate. Summers in Milan are hot and humid, while winters are cold and foggy. Despite the amount of humidity that the city receives year-round, rainfall is relatively rare; there are fewer days of precipitation here than anywhere else in Europe. When rain does occur, it’s often accompanied by hail or thunder. July is the hottest month for Milan weather with an average temperature of 24°C. December and January dip to about 3°C on average, making them the coldest months. Shoulder seasons are the best time to book flights to Milan. Get tickets to Italy for April through May or September through October to enjoy good weather without sweltering heat and peak tourist season. The cheapest time to fly to Italy is the winter, although this is arguably the least enjoyable season for travel.

Milan Airports

Milan Malpensa Airport

Milan International Airport, also known as Milan Malpensa Airport, is one of the main airports servicing flights to Milan. Milan Airport offers many services to ensure stress-free travel for those with cheap flights to Italy. These include airport hotels, bank services, digital services (such as an airport app and ability to buy products online), free wifi and more. The airport also offers a membership, Club Sea, which provides even more services. Passengers may stop at several shops and restaurants between flights as well.

Travel from Malpensa Airport to Milan city centre is easy thanks to several transportation options. These include train, coach, taxi, car hire or ridesharing. Those driving themselves should know there are five car parks at varying prices and lengths of travel. These range from Easy, Holiday, Express, Executive and Long Term. With so many travel options, Milan International Airport is a great destination choice for cheap flights to Italy or those with plane tickets to Italy.

Milan Linate Airport

Milan Linate Airport, also known as Linate Airport, is another of the airports servicing flights to Milan. It is very close to the city centre, just 8km southeast of the city centre. This makes it an extremely convenient choice of destination for those buying tickets to Italy. Milan Linate Airport offers an abundance of services including baggage protection, currency exchange/banking services, passenger services, digital services (such as an app, wifi and online shopping) and more. Passengers may pay for premium services on top of those, including access to a meeting space for business travelers. Linate Airport has several great places to shop for souvenirs and essentials, and hosts bars and restaurants as well, making it a great place for those holding the cheapest ticket to Italy.

Getting to and from the airport is simple thanks to its proximity to city centre. Travelers can reach the city from their flights to Milan by coach, taxi, car hire, ride share or city bus. Driving to the airport yourself? Milan Airport has three parking lots: Holiday, Executive and Top Class.