Oxford Flights

Home to the prestigious Oxford University, Oxford is one of the UK’s top holiday destinations.

Cheap Flights to Oxford

Home to the prestigious Oxford University, Oxford is one of England’s most impressive cities. Oxford is located in South East England within Oxfordshire. It’s one of the country’s most diverse cities in terms of ethnicities found there and has a population of almost 152,000. It’s found just 82km from London. Because of the city’s long history, nearly every style of English architecture is found here. Oxford University’s many architectural marvels and museums have enchanted travelers, authors and locals alike throughout the centuries, making Oxford one of the most unforgettable travel destinations in the UK. Oxford is a relatively affordable destination for budget-strapped travelers and families. It’s easy finding cheap flights to Oxford, including London to Oxford flights, with Tripoki.

Oxford Weather

Weather in Oxford belongs to a maritime temperate climate. Summers are hot, but not too hot. Winters are cool but mild overall, rarely dipping under freezing temperatures. Precipitation is spread evenly throughout the year, and rain is quite common for weather in Oxford: the driest months in summer get about 8 days of rainfall while winter months receive 12. The hottest month for weather in Oxford is July with an average high of 23 °C. The coldest months in Oxford are December and January with average lows of 7 °C. The best time to book flights to Oxford and Oxford holiday is in the summer. This time of year offers great weather and the city has fewer students running to and fro between classes. There are also several events hosted by the city during the summer months, making it a great time to visit or book flights to Oxford.

Oxford Airports

Oxford Airport – Birmingham Airport

While Oxford has its own airport (London Oxford Airport), London Oxford Airport does not host commercial flights. Instead, the closest airport to Oxford for reaching the city is Birmingham Airport. This Oxford airport is only a little over an hour’s drive from the city and is the most convenient location for flights to Oxford. Birmingham Airport offers several amenities and services to support passengers’ needs and ensure comfortable travel between flights to Oxford. Services offered by the Oxford airport include services for the disabled, security and customs, express lane security, Oxford airport hotels, a smoking area, family stations, meeting rooms and a lost luggage service. Getting from the Oxford airport to the city is easy with a selection of transportation services. Transport options include the Oxford airport bus, regional rail, coach and taxi. Airport car parking may be booked online. Airport car parking is available among seven car parks, making it a convenient choice of Oxford airport to reach.