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Cheapest Flights to Paphos

Few cities have as close ties to legend as Paphos: the city is named after the son of Pygmalion and is said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite. It should be no surprise, then, that Paphos is a beautiful city peppered with ruins and old churches reflecting its history. Where is Paphos? In antiquity, there were two cities with the name. The Paphos that we know today, which used to be called New Paphos, is located along the Mediterranean Sea and experiences the mildest climate in Cyprus. Thanks to its beautiful weather and several significant archaeological sites, Paphos is a favorite spot for holidays. Those booking a Paphos trip this holiday may easily find cheap flights to Paphos. Tripoki offers a simple process for finding Paphos cheap flight opportunities that fit your travel needs.

Paphos Weather

Paphos weather is some of the best on the island. Summer rarely ever sees rain, and temperatures are mild and comfortable year-round. That said, summer is typically very humid. Snowfall is typically relegated to parts of the city at higher altitudes, with no significant snowfall impacting the city since 2001. Late summer experiences frequent heat waves due to proximity to the Sahara Desert. August is the hottest month for Paphos weather with a daily mean of 26 °C. February is the coldest month at 12 °C. The best time to book flights to Paphos is in summer or early fall. These months experience little no rain and comfortably warm temperatures. Sticking to September or October for Paphos travel lets you avoid peak tourist season.

Paphos Airports

Paphos Airport

Paphos Int Airport is the second-largest airport in Cyprus and the main airport for flights to Paphos. It’s an essential location for any Paphos trip. Paphos Airport has many amenities to cater to passengers’ every need. Services from Paphos Int Airport include currency exchange, baggage wrapping, shopping services, VAT refunds, lounges and more. In addition to these amenities, Paphos Airport offers a cosmetic shop, souvenir shop and a restaurant for quick bites between Paphos flights.

Getting from Paphos Airport to Nicosia or the airport to Paphos City is quick and easy. Paphos Int Airport offers several transportation options to help passengers get where they need to be. These include the ability to rent a car in Cyprus Paphos Airport, a Paphos Airport bus to Nicosia, or car hire from Paphos Airport Cyprus. Taxi is also available to get from Paphos Airport to Nicosia. Paphos Airport parking offers five parking options depending on choice of car park and amount of time you will stay. Visitors may book parking online. These features make the airport ideal for flight to Cyprus Paphos and Paphos cheap flight.