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Cheap Flights to Paris

Paris is the capital of France, found in the country’s northern region. It sits upon the river Seine and includes two islands (Île Saint-Louis and Île de la Cité), which make up its oldest section. Paris is divided into 20 districts spiraling out from the city centre clockwise. While the city is predominantly flat, its tallest hill, Montmartre, marks the city’s 18th district and is punctuated by the Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur at its summit. With three airports to choose from, visitors may easily reach the city via flights to Paris, then complete their journey via private or mass transit. Paris flights are often cheaper in late fall or winter, allowing for an affordable and pleasant winter holiday destination.

Paris is a legendary cultural hub, regarded as the “Capital of Fashion” and known for its contributions to the visual and culinary arts. Dotted with iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and blessed with temperate Paris weather, the city stands as one of the most romantic cities in the entire world. By booking Paris flights with tripoki, you can take the first steps on a romantic journey into this storied city.

Paris Weather

Paris weather doesn’t typically exhibit extreme temperatures, with mild summers and pleasant winters. Its coldest month, January, typically stays above freezing temperatures. July and August, the hottest months, reach an average high of 25°C. While summers are usually comfortable, there is the occasional heat wave, with temperatures surpassing 32°C. Overall, Paris weather gives residents little to complain about.

The city experiences light rain year-round, with spring being a relatively damp season. While snowfall isn’t very common in the winter, you can expect to see snow a few times each year—but it rarely accumulates.

Given its comfortable climate and beautiful Paris weather, the city is enjoyable year-round! That said, many enjoy visiting during the summer months. While you might have to deal with crowds and higher prices during the tourist season, summers offer plenty free activities like outdoor movie screenings and concerts. There’s always something to see or do during the summer in the city, whether it be celebrating Bastille Day or taking a relaxed sunbathing session along the Seine.

Early autumn presents another (and less crowded) opportunity to enjoy Paris weather. There may be less to do outside, but you can enjoy less crowds in the off-season while taking in the beautiful fall foliage.

Buy Cheap Flights to Paris with tripoki

While it may be an iconic tourist destination, cheap flights to Paris aren’t rare, including flights to Disneyland Paris. To find flights to Paris, France within your budget—big or small—simply use the tripoki trip planning search engine. Begin by inputting your origin and your destination. To find cheap trips to Paris for the time you need them, input a range of dates when you plan to travel. You’ll then see flight tickets to Paris that match your needs. Paris Orly, Paris Beauvais and Charles de Gaulle Airport are the three top airports for booking your plane tickets to Paris.

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Paris Airports

Charles de Gaulle Airport

Charles de Gaulle Airport is the primary transportation hub near the city. Due to its immense size and crowds, it’s infamous as a confusing Paris airport. That said, it’s a convenient Paris airport as it’s only 25km north of the city centre. Just 45 minutes away from Disneyland by shuttle bus, it’s a popular landing point for flights to Disneyland Paris.

There are many places to shop at Charles de Gaulle Airport, from travel essentials to souvenirs to high fashion. Stop by Hermès, Bulgari, Gucci or Dior for a taste of high-fashion. If accessories are more your thing, stop at Chanel or Swatch. The duty free shop has nearly anything you could need, including spirits and light food. 

There are dozens of cafes and restaurants spread across Charles de Gaulle Airport’s terminals. Plenty of places offer quick service, such as Exki or Berts—two popular sandwich and dessert shops. To experience delicious French cuisine at the start of your trip to Paris, take a seat at Frenchy’s.

This Paris airport is only a short 45-minute drive from the city by car. Buses can take around an hour; if you want private and speedy service, simply hail a taxi or rent a car.

Paris Orly

Just 13km south of the city, Paris Orly is a favorite place to land on a trip to Paris. Paris Orly Airport is the busiest Paris airport for domestic travel, and the second-busiest French airport. It offers a spacious, comfortable and quiet lounge for stress-free travel, and a wide selection of luxury and fashion retailers. Lacoste, Rolex and Burberry are just a few of the big-name brands you’ll encounter in this Paris airport.

If you’re looking for something to eat at Paris Orly, stop at Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar at the west terminal for classy French cuisine. For something more casual, visit Brioche Dorée for a quick bite or Starbucks, the iconic global coffee chain. 

Paris Orly makes it very easy to get between the Paris airport and the city centre. Take an airport transfer to enjoy plenty of room for your luggage without spending as much as you would for a taxi. If you’d like to hail a taxi, that’s fine too—or rent a car from any of the 13 services available. You can also hop directly onto the Paris Metro to reach the city even more easily.

Paris Beauvais

Paris Beauvais is further from city centre than the Paris airports listed above, at a distance of about 60km. It’s a much smaller Paris airport, but you’ll experience less crowds and stress here. There are four souvenir and convenience stores in Paris Beauvais, including a duty-free store to make up for any travel essentials, snacks or spirits you may have forgotten.

While there isn’t an excess of shops at Paris Beauvais, there are a lot of places to eat! Brasserie Le Faubourg is a great place to sit down and relax with a delicious French meal, and iconic cafes like Paul and Illy offer quick snacks and energizing coffee drinks.

Because it’s a bit further from city centre, you’ll probably want to travel between Paris Beauvais and the city via shuttle bus (just over an hour ride) or car rental. The SuperShuttle takes passengers to Paris and neighboring towns, as well as nearby Disneyland. Taking the train at the Beauvais SNCF station, like the bus, takes over an hour to reach the Gare du Nord in Paris.