Phuket Flights

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Where is Phuket?

Among the oldest cities in Thailand, Phuket is a popular destination for its interesting mix of eastern and western cultures in its art, architecture and cuisine. Featuring a strong Chinese influence, Phuket’s stunning Buddhist temples, pristine beaches and breathtaking vistas attract tourists throughout the year.

Where is Phuket? You can find the city about 862km south of Bangkok. The city is the capital of a province and island by the same name, the largest island in Thailand. The province is on the southern end of Thailand along its west coast. The island is among 33 islands in the province.

Home to some of the most beautiful seascapes and beaches in the world, the region owes a significant portion of its income to tourism. With affordable lodging, activities and cheap flights to Phuket, the city is a popular and affordable tropical destination for travelers. There’s a lot to do and see on the island, whether that be exploring nature or shopping from the province’s many eclectic vendors.

Phuket Weather

The island sits in a tropical monsoonal climate. This means it’s warm year-round, making it a great destination for the winter. It’s often sunny, with consecutive days of rain being very rare (even in its wettest months, September and October). Despite being a monsoonal climate, Phuket weather is relatively mild; don’t be afraid of strong typhoons and monsoons.

The best time to enjoy Phuket weather is December through March, known as the northeast monsoon season. This time of year is less humid and comfortably breezy, with an average temperature of 24-32 degrees Celsius. April, May, September and October serve as the hottest months; while the tropical setting remains enjoyable during these seasons, some might prefer to avoid these months/.

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Visiting Phuket International Airport

Supporting a major role in Thailand’s tourism industry, Phuket International Airport is the third-busiest airport in the country. It’s an easy 32km north of the city centre, hugging the northwest coast of the island. The airport offers a variety of services, amenities, shops and dining to ensure travelers get their visit off to the right start.

Shopping in Phuket Airport

The airport has casual and luxury shopping for finding the perfect souvenir or outfit upon entering and leaving the island. Explore the airport’s handful of souvenir shops spread across the second-floor terminal for unique trinkets and curiosities. If fashion’s your thing, stop by Pick a Pearl, Dazzle or Thai Gems to discover beautiful jewelry and accessories. For everyday travel essentials, the airport’s Duty Free store offers a variety of wares at competitive prices. Finally, take a load off while relaxing at the airport’s very own foot massage and spa.

Dining at Phuket Airport

Those hungry or thirst after taking flying should fuel up at one of the airport’s cafes or pubs. Coffee shops are aplenty here, including internationally renowned Dunkin Donuts and independent operations. Like the city itself, the airport offers a mix of Western and traditional Thai fare; stop by Bill Bently Pub for familiar Western classics, or try something new at Thai Restaurant & Catering Services.

Travel to and from Phuket Airport

Where is Phuket Airport? It’s just 32km from city centre! Phuket International Airport offers expedient travel options to get to and from the city. Car rental, limousine services are both available to travelers pre-booked or on the spot. With these options, tourists can reach their stay quickly after disembarking.

Those seeking public transportation can take the convenient airport bus, which connects to the bus terminal in Phuket Town. The shuttle has two pickup locations at the airport and runs both ways. Between VIP limo services, taxis and shuttle, travelers can get from point A to B using the most comfortable and affordable option for them.