Rio De Janerio Flights

Enjoy the beautiful beaches and climate of Rio.

Cheapest Flights to Rio de Janeiro

Few destinations in the Americas are more beautiful than Rio de Janeiro. Famous for its beaches and surrounding natural beauty, the city is the second most populous in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is located on the South Atlantic Coast; Rio’s harbour is unique in that its entry to the ocean resembles the mouth of a river surrounded by beautiful mountains. These features have earned the harbour recognition as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Many of Rio de Janeiro’s attractions and landmarks are within walking distance of one another, making it an amazing and convenient place to spend a summer holiday. Travelers may easily book cheap flights to Rio de Janeiro Brazil with Tripoki. Tripoki offers the cheapest tickets to Rio de Janeiro from anywhere in the world, and can help you find the timeliest flights as well. This ensures stress-free travel planning, so you can begin your journey on the right foot.

Rio de Janeiro Weather

Rio de Janeiro weather has a tropical savanna climate, though the city is also close to a tropical monsoon climate. Thanks to the sea breeze, Rio de Janeiro weather is characterized by moderate temperatures that don’t get too hot. The daily mean in December, the hottest month for Rio weather, is 25°C. July, the coldest month, is hardly lower with a daily mean of 70°C. Rain is most common from October through April; December and January experience the most rain with 11 rainy days per month on average. The best time to buy tickets to Rio de Janeiro is from December through March. These are Brazil’s summer months, offering great Rio de Janeiro weather and many large-scale events, like New Year’s Eve festivities and the Rio Carnival. This time of year also makes for a great escape from frigid climates elsewhere in the world. Be careful: accommodations are inflated during these months, so book cheap flights to Rio de Janeiro early for the best rates.

Rio de Janeiro Airports

Galeao International Airport (GIG Airport)

Galeao International Airport (GIG Airport) is the main airport serving flights to Rio Brazil. Rio International Airport offers many services to passengers, including a post office, comfort stations, a lottery, government services, financial services, restaurants and shops. Those with special needs—whether that be a wheelchair or childcare facilities—are provided additional services and facilities. Retailers include duty-free shopping. The second-busiest airport in the nation, Galeao Airport is a smart choice for flights to Rio Brazil.
These amenities provide for passengers’ needs to ensure smooth travels. Travel between Galeao Airport and city centre is easy thanks to a variety of transportation options. These include Galeao coach transfers, premium and standard bus services, two metro lines, car rental and taxi services. The abundance of transportation methods provides options for passengers to easily travel from flights to Rio de Janeiro Brazil to their hotels. Rio Airport has one car park; prices begin at €4 for one hour. 
Santos Dumont Airport (SDU Airport)
Santos Dumont Airport (SDU Airport) is the second main airport serving tickets to Rio de Janeiro. It is one of five airports in Brazil that’s limited in a maximum of 19 operations per hour. Santos Dumont Airport is only 2km away from city centre, making it a convenient option for flights to Rio. SDU Airport offers standard services and amenities including a lost and found, post office, government services, medical services, a bootblack, financial services, shops, restaurants and also travel agencies. Shops include duty free options, and a handful of eateries ensure one can find a meal that fits within their diet restrictions or taste preferences. While the airport is less busy than Galeao Airport, it offers just as many convenient amenities to ensure easy travels. Santos Dumont Airport has less transportation options, though; travelers may travel via bus service, coach transfers, car rental or taxi. The airport has one carpark with a capacity of 1,200 vehicles, providing reserved spaces for disabled passengers.