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Cheapest Flights to Rome

The cradle of western civilization, Rome sits along the Tiber river in central Italy’s Lazio region and is close to the Tyrrhenian Sea. It’s about 185km northwest of Naples and 233km south of Florence. The ancient heart of the city is bounded by seven hills: Aventine, Caelian, Capitoline, Esquiline, Palatine, Quirinal and Viminal Hill. In ancient times, the Servian Wall encircled and defended groups of settlements spread across these hills. Today, the city extends far outward to the Tyrrhenian shore. Rome is also unique for hosting the only country within a country: the Vatican City.

Having existed for thousands of years, Rome is home to legendary landmarks, including ancient ruins, old churches and beautiful palaces. As a modern global city, it is known as a shopping paradise and fashion capital. Flights to Rome from London and other major European hubs are aplenty, so finding cheap flights to Rome from your city can’t be easier. Cheap flights to Rome are common, and Rome airport shuttles can quickly get you to your lodge once you arrive. With good transportation and a shuttle to airport and back, getting around is easy for travelers.

Rome Weather

Rome weather is commonly humid and sunny. Summers can become quite hot, with the hottest months averaging at a high of 30°C. Hotter days than this are common, and clear days are typical. If you’re feeling too hot, an escape to the coast can help you cool off. Early fall continues to be sunny, but as the season approaches winter, don’t be surprised by more frequent clouds and rainfall. In November, it rapidly becomes colder; by winter, expect lows of 3°C. Thankfully, winters are just as sunny as the summers, helping to warm things up.

The best time for flying is outside the peak summer tourist season. Try late September or early October to avoid crowds and enjoy mild, summer-like weather. As tourist season draws to a close, you’re more likely to find great deals on hotels. It’s a great time to get out and explore Rome’s many historical landmarks and sites, so book your cheap flights Rome for the fall. Another bonus is that flights to Rome from London and other origins are typically cheaper.

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Finding the cheapest flights to Rome with tripoki is easy. Simply input your origin, destination and date of travel. So if you’re looking for London Rome flights, input each city with the preferred dates. This will return London Rome flights that meet your preferences. Using tripoki, you can also find cheap flights Rome for a specific airline and flight class. Once you’ve selected from the London Rome flights available, you can take care of other details like booking a hotel room, renting a car, making a transfer or finding a tour.

Rome Airports

Fiumicino International Airport

The largest of the two Rome airports, Fiumicino International Airport is the main hub for London Rome flights from other cities. It’s efficiently laid out and not tough to navigate, housing many shops and restaurants. Finding last-minute souvenirs, fashions are simple with the Rome airport’s personal shopping service and online duty-free shop. Whether you’re in need of a luxury accessory for a business outing or are looking for a simple souvenir, there’s plenty opportunities to shop at the dozens of stores available at Fiumicino International Airport. Stop by the Rome airport’s many cafes for an energy boost.

Getting from airport to city centre is easy thanks to Rome airport transfers. Fiumicino offers a variety of Rome airport transfers into the city, connecting to bus and train stations for easy travel. The Rome airport shuttle COTRAL makes the most stops in the city. Airport shuttle prices are cheaper when booked ahead of time. When returning home, simply take the shuttle to airport without having to worry about carrying your luggage. Passengers may also rent a car, take a taxi or train to move between city and airport.

Ciampino International Airport

Ciampino International Airport is a bit smaller than Fiumicino, but makes a great landing spot for London Rome flights and the cheapest flights to Rome, and is still a significant example of Rome airports. It has an attractive selection of small duty-free and convenience shops, but nothing too luxurious. With a few quick-service cafes and pizza shops, passengers can quickly find the supplies and food they need in this easy-to-navigate airport.

Ciampino International Airport offers Rome airport transfers and Rome airport shuttle directly to the Rome Terminal, Ciampino and Roma Anagnina railway stations. Book in advance to avoid a surcharge on airport shuttle prices. While airport shuttle prices aren’t expensive, some might prefer to travel to city centre via taxi or car rental, both of which are available. You can take the shuttle to airport on your return home.