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Cheapest Flights to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands, found in the western province of North Holland. As a maritime economic power since the city’s 17th century “Golden Age,” the city sits on the water: the river Amstel terminates in the center of the city, giving way to a network of canals that has earned it the nickname “the Venice of the North.” Together, these canals stretch over 100 kilometers in length! They divide the city into about 90 small islands, each interconnected by numerous bridges. With this unique geography and old-time charm, Amsterdam is a romantic and relaxed backdrop to a Dutch holiday.

Amsterdam Weather

Affected by westerly breezes from the nearby North Sea, Amsterdam is mild and cool year-round. While the weather is typically comfortable, winters can occasionally become frigid. The average low temperature in February, the coldest month, is 1°C. Summer, meanwhile, is typically warm with an average high of 22°C.

Precipitation is quite common in the city, but these usually manifest as brief, light showers. You need not worry about being caught in a dramatic downpour, but should prepare for wet weather, especially if visiting during late fall through winter. 133 days per year experience more than 1mm of precipitation.

Spring is hands-down the best season for visiting. April features the city’s most festive holiday, Queen’s Day, which rivals New Year’s Eve celebrations. While it’s not the ideal time to visit for those who hate crowds, it’s an amazing celebration that can’t be missed. Springtime also marks tulip season, which the region is famous for. Nearby Keukenhof is the most famous tulip garden in the world, featuring over 7 million flowers. Staying in early spring lets you enjoy the city’s beauty while avoiding the summer tourist rush.

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A popular destination for Amsterdam flights is Schiphol. From Schiphol train station, you can quickly get to the city with minimal stress. This makes Schiphol incredibly convenient for Amsterdam flight tickets.

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Airports Near Amsterdam

Amsterdam Airport (AMS)

The city’s busiest airport, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) is Holland’s primary airport. It’s among the closes airports near Amsterdam, only 9 kilometers southwest of the city. It’s the third-busiest airport in Europe, serving as an important transportation hub for both the region and the continent with so many Schiphol flights. The Schiphol train station also ensures you can travel between Amsterdam Airport and your flight with ease.

Despite its busy hustle and bustle, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is committed to helping passengers relax in their travels. Whether you want to indulge in a spa treatment or kick back at the airport’s own beautiful park, Amsterdam Airport provides a handful of meditative spaces to decompress. If retail therapy is more your thing, stop by luxury outlets like Rolex, Hermes, Bottega Veneta or Burberry.

Feeling hungry? Enjoy traditional Dutch or international cuisine at one of the many restaurants and cafes available at Amsterdam Airport after disembarking your Schiphol flights. Dutch Bar & Kitchen gives you a quick taste of what to expect from local cuisine. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has a couple eastern dining spots as well, like East Bar & Bites and Kebaya. Finally, stop by Heineken Bar for a quick drink—a local favorite!

Getting from Schiphol to Amsterdam is fast and easy: it’s less than a 20 minute ride to Central Station using public transportation, and just about a half hour via car. With car rental, taxi services, urban rail and bus, you can move from Schiphol to Amsterdam quickly. Schiphol train station lets you get to city center quickly.

Rotterdam Airport (RTM)

If Amsterdam Schiphol Airport seems too busy, consider taking flight tickets to Amsterdam that stop at Rotterdam. The two cities connect directly by rail, so you can get to your destination in about 40 minutes after landing. This means it hardly takes longer getting there than from Schiphol to Amsterdam, and is one of the closest airports near Amsterdam. You might find cheaper Amsterdam flights to this smaller airport.

While it’s a convenient alternative to Schiphol flights, Rotterdam Airport doesn’t offer many shops and services. The AKO shop has all the reading material you could need, with local and international newspapers, books and magazines. Rotterdam Airport has two places to eat: Restaurant de Horizon, a casual bar and restaurant, and the Espresso Bar which features light fare.

The fastest way to get to Amsterdam from Rotterdam Airport is by train. Take it from Rotterdam Station to get to Central Station in just 40 minutes. Buses are a cheaper alternative, which will get you to your destination in about an hour. If you’d like to travel privately, simply rent a car from the airport from services like Hertz, Avis, Europcar and more. While smaller, this airport is a great destination for Amsterdam flights and alternative to Amsterdam Airport.