Santorini Flights

Santorini is the perfect, affordable island getaway with beautiful nature and comfortable weather.

Cheapest Flights to Santorini

Located in the southern end of the Aegean Sea, Santorini is a volcanic island among the Greek Cyclades islands. A dramatic caldera left by volcanic explosion, the city is known for its sweeping, beautiful views and pristine white beaches. Santorini is home to several villages, but the most popular one perhaps is Thira, the island’s central transportation hub. Santorini is a romantic city with traditional architecture, stunning sunsets and beautiful scenes of nature. Its beauty inspires many travellers on flights to Santorini. You can find the best rates on cheap flights to Santorini throughout the year with Tripoki.

Santorini Weather

Weather in Santorini is semi-arid but shares some Mediterranean qualities. It’s warm overall throughout the year with very mild winters and warm—but not too hot—summers. July and August are the hottest months at 26°C, a quite comfortable temperature for enjoying time in the sun. January and February stay around 12°C on average and rarely dip below 50°C. There’s very little precipitation in the summer months; June through September see only 3 days of precipitation on average. Expect significant precipitation during the winter, though, primarily in December and January. Santorini weather April is the beginning of warm, temperate climates, and temperatures for Santorini weather May is when temperatures hike up. The best time to visit Santorini is in September or October; Santorini weather September and Santorini weather October are at their best this time of year. Weather in Santorini is still warm and enjoyable at this time, yet the rainy season doesn’t kick in until November. This time of year also lets you beat peak tourist crowds, so you can catch cheap flights to Santorini without issue. In addition to Santorini flights, hotel accommodations should be easier to come by as well.

Santorini Airports

Santorini Airport

Santorini Airport, also known as Thira Airport or JTR Airport, is the main airport servicing Santorini flights and the Cyclades islands. It services 1.8 million Santorini flights passengers in and out of the city every year. The Thira airport code is JTR. As a very small airport, Thira Airport does not have much to offer in terms of services or amenities, and it is only reachable by European airports for direct Santorini flights. That said, it’s an excellent location for cheap flights to Santorini and charter Santorini flights, including Athens to Santorini and London to Santorini flights.

There are many ways to travel from JTR Airport to Thira and other Santorini villages. This makes getting to your festination from cheap flights to Santorini an easy process. Santorini Airport offers the local bus system for public transport as well as private shuttle transfers. Rental cars are also available for those who want to leave JTR Airport privately. With connection to the local ferry, reaching other islands is also easy. These Santorini airport transportation options make it a great destination for Santorini flights.